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1674 Works

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View Large Image Bronze:  W: 110mm x  H: 390mm x  D: 45mm

by Anton Momberg
US$ 2,326

"Couple on Red"
View Large Image Mixed Media:  W: 810mm x  H: 420mm x  D: 25mm

Couple on Red
by Carol Sachs
US$ 339

"White Robe"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 400mm x  H: 500mm x  D: 45mm

White Robe
by Stephen Scott
US$ 242

"Evelyn Breakers Point"
View Large Image Acrylic on Board:  W: 700mm x  H: 900mm x  D: 25mm

Evelyn Breakers Point
by Harriet Jameson Pellizzari
US$ 630

"Play with the Cat"
View Large Image Print on Canvas:  W: 700mm x  H: 950mm x  D: 3mm

Play with the Cat
by Laurens Barnard
US$ 92

View Large Image Etching:  W: 400mm x  H: 270mm

by Liz Campbell
US$ 87

"Summer Seas and Sailboats"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 340mm x  H: 540mm x  D: 30mm

Summer Seas and Sailboats
by Ita Froneman
US$ 330

"Girl with Dragon Tattoo 1"
View Large Image Digital:  W: 500mm x  H: 400mm x  D: 2mm

Girl with Dragon Tattoo 1
by Ricky and Maristha Smitsdorff
US$ 72

View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 225mm x  H: 300mm x  D: 3mm

by Stephen Scott
US$ 69

"Nude 4"
View Large Image Pencil:  W: 420mm x  H: 594mm

Nude 4
by Megan Lavin
US$ 121

"Saving Grace"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 600mm x  H: 600mm x  D: 50mm

Saving Grace
by Karin Faucheux
US$ 310

"Evening Light"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 300mm x  H: 700mm x  D: 38mm

Evening Light
by Martina Lotter
US$ 194

"Figure Drawing 2"
View Large Image Charcoal:  W: 600mm x  H: 480mm x  D: 2mm

Figure Drawing 2
by Sue Tatham
US$ 174

"Time to Get Up Pompei Lady"
View Large Image Oil on Board:  W: 810mm x  H: 613mm x  D: 3mm

Time to Get Up Pompei Lady
by David Moore
US$ 95

"An African Dream"
View Large Image Pastel:  W: 800mm x  H: 555mm

An African Dream
by Lorraine Marcus
US$ 921

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