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248 Works

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"Pot Luck"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 740mm x  H: 1400mm x  D: 38mm

Pot Luck
by Adam Carnegie
US$ 678

"Glowing Passion"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 350mm x  H: 250mm x  D: 35mm

Glowing Passion
by Andrew Sanan
US$ 242

"Glowing Wall"
View Large Image Other:  W: 760mm x  H: 520mm x  D: 1mm

Glowing Wall
by Arrie Theron
US$ 807

"Thoughts of Africa-1"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 560mm x  H: 775mm x  D: 20mm

Thoughts of Africa-1
by Avril Wiid
US$ 772

"Drycleaning Wanted"
View Large Image Photograph:  W: 841mm x  H: 594mm

Drycleaning Wanted
by Maria-Anna van Driel
US$ 109

"Earth, Fire, Water, Air"
View Large Image Etching:  W: 250mm x  H: 200mm

Earth, Fire, Water, Air
by Gretha Helberg
US$ 75 68

"Starseed Reflections"
View Large Image Acrylic on Canvas:  W: 610mm x  H: 453mm x  D: 36mm

Starseed Reflections
by Elaine Goodheart
US$ 288

"Through Fires and Waters"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 600mm x  H: 850mm x  D: 30mm

Through Fires and Waters
by Fil Angelakis
US$ 519

"Food from the Field"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 910mm x  H: 910mm x  D: 2mm

Food from the Field
by Francois Jooste
US$ 899

"Clay Vessels"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 180mm x  H: 120mm

Clay Vessels
by Audrey Hayward Hickman
US$ 54

"Five Elements"
View Large Image Print on Canvas:  W: 300mm x  H: 400mm x  D: 45mm

Five Elements
by Candice Wilson
US$ 99

"Fire & Ice #1 Abstract Painting"
View Large Image Mixed Media:  W: 710mm x  H: 500mm x  D: 5mm

Fire & Ice #1 Abstract Painting
by Rheta-Mari Kotze
US$ 605

"Woman Tending Fire"
View Large Image Pastel:  W: 900mm x  H: 650mm x  D: 20mm

Woman Tending Fire
by Caryn Fisher
US$ 1,441

"Lily: Purified by Fire"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 760mm x  H: 760mm x  D: 25mm

Lily: Purified by Fire
by Carina Nel
US$ 438

View Large Image Watercolor:  W: 609mm x  H: 914mm x  D: 38mm

by Merle Ikin
US$ 320

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