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91 Works

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by Lucas de Wit
US$ 1,142

"Old Car Art - Memories"

Old Car Art - Memories
by Paul BokVel Smit
US$ 1,070

"Sometimes You Make Me Blue"

Sometimes You Make Me Blue
by Jonel Scholtz
US$ 848

"Old Car with Farmhouse"

Old Car with Farmhouse
by Rita Kili
US$ 147

"The Visionary"

The Visionary
by Samantha Stone
US$ 489

"Tainted Love"

Tainted Love
by Jonel Scholtz
US$ 1,109


by Merle Leitch
US$ 163

"Corrosion #3"

Corrosion #3
by Liezl Goosen
US$ 74

"New Calf with Old Gold"

New Calf with Old Gold
by PW Burger
US$ 1,173

"Vaaljapie with Man"

Vaaljapie with Man
by Matie Botha
US$ 718

"Bicycle #3"

Bicycle #3
by Liezl Goosen
US$ 74

"Old Red Chair"

Old Red Chair
by Santjie (Sign-key) Potgieter
US$ 131

"Pension Day 2"

Pension Day 2
by Sam Savage
US$ 457

"The Bedouin"

The Bedouin
by Gillian Higginson
US$ 653

"Tree of Life #2 in Metal 1/1"

Tree of Life #2 in Metal 1/1
by Rheta-Mari Kotze
US$ 392

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