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Hugo Thysse - grandfather | Still Life Fine Art
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Hugo Thysse - "grandfather"


Mixed Media, US$ 79


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Mixed Media

W: 205mm x H: 290mm
W: 8" x H: 11"

This work is unframed


US$ 79


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RM Series One

About "grandfather"

As a boy i loved to run around my grandfathers house or play in his broken down car. I also played around his garden a lot. He grew vegetables and fruits and soon they started to disappear-at night, leaving trails of footsteps over the ground and wired fence. He tried a few things without success but introducing baboon spiders kept mostly everyone out. At first I were terrified of them but once you get past the many eyes and crazy hair they are just another one of Gods small creatures trying to find its way in the world. Because of my “oupa” I carry this love for spiders with me still. I think they are misunderstood and judged with much prejudice many times without good reason. Like my grandfather there is much more to a man than his looks, what he earns, where he lives or how he earns his living. Being with him I knew in some strange way that I were loved, that I belong there along with his spiders, broken car and pitchers of tea. I miss him. I know he would share my fondness of spiders with me. What you see in front of you is much more than a spider-its my way to express his rigid hard hands, his unkept appearance, his dry sense of humour, his overall toughness, his love for the weird and the obscure.

Hugo Thysse

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About Hugo

Hugo Thysse

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US$ 79-79


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