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Abigail McCarthy - Innocence 1 | Contemporary Art
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Abigail McCarthy - "Innocence 1"

"Innocence 1"

Innocence 1
Oil on Canvas, US$ 94

Innocence 1

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Oil on Canvas

W: 381mm x H: 762mm x D: 15mm
W: 15" x H: 30" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 94


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Abigail McCarthy

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About Abigail

Abigail McCarthy

I started painting and drawing as a child on my Grandmother’s farm. I was very good at pencil sketches and used acrylics and water colour for painting. She was an art teacher and during school holidays I would go to Hermanus and I would draw and paint. In High School I went to the Art Ballet and Music school in Braamfontein. I did a bit of sculpture, jewellery design, fine art and graphics. I studied Graphic Design at AAA Advertising and continued on this path for about 10 years.

During my early 30’s I became very frustrated with Graphics work and felt that the creativity was limited to what a client wanted. Instead, I buried myself in looking after and bringing up my children. It was then that I began psychic readings and moved away from the creative field all together. During that time I changed dramatically. I no longer worried about how people perceived me and became less sensitive and able to accept criticism. This was a step towards being creative again, so when I felt a pull recently to my creative side it was natural to start up again. This time, however I started experimenting with new materials like canvas and oils which I had never used before. The outcome was amazing and a new love developed!

I do not follow a specific style because I believe in growing and learning through experimentation. I use mixed media, concentrating mainly in oils, and try not to follow all the rules. I experiment a lot and love to just see what happens. Often I paint abstracts because I feel with the confidence and growth that I have achieved in my life I can best express this in abstracts.

Initially I was skeptical about abstracts and felt that anyone could paint them. Soon I realised it’s not as easy as it looks. For me the difference between abstract and realism is that when I paint realistically I am concentrating on making something look real, when I am painting an abstract I am disappearing into myself. I love this form of expression.

Abstract art, to me, is showing creativity outside of what our brains are conditioned to see. It is typical to know and understand objects that we see around us on a daily basis. Abstract art shows us forms and colours that we are not used to seeing and makes us look at beauty without the mind judging. Art should evoke feeling. It should be something that makes your space beautiful to you. For these reasons, and most importantly of all, I love what I do!

Price Range

US$ 83-407



Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School. AAA Advertising, Graphics

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