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Dane Willers - "Jeeves - Yellow Billed Hornbill"

"Jeeves - Yellow Billed Hornbill"

Jeeves - Yellow Billed Hornbill
Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,123

Jeeves - Yellow Billed Hornbill

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Oil on Canvas

W: 550mm x H: 700mm x D: 30mm
W: 22" x H: 28" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 2kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 1,123 SOLD


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About "Jeeves - Yellow Billed Hornbill"

This bird – the Yellow Billed Hornbill – is widely found in Southern Africa.

Whilst working on this particular painting, I could not help but smile and ponder the numerous instances in Botswana that I encountered it. It almost always is – as is its way – clumsily fluttering or more aptly put – staggering bewilderedly from place to place and never ceases to make me stare in awe its captivating and utterly confused manner and demeanour.

As this work progressed my mind was involuntarily filled with endearing thoughts and memories of numerous instances and experiences in my life that somehow perfectly fits into the mannerisms of this specie.

My thoughts drifted to the movie (Comedy Sketch) of the ‘60’s, called: Dinner for One, in which the butler, James, ritually serves Miss Sophie on her birthday dinner at age 90. Anyone remember this??

James – in the course of serving the imaginary guests of Miss Sophie around the table – was obliged to have a drink with each and needless to say became inebriated progressively as the evening wore on. As the Fruits of the Vine got the better of him, he progressively became more and more unstable in his movement around the dinner table: his unsteady and clumsy efforts – in my mind’s eye – perfectly portrayed the fluttering spectacle of the Yellow Billed Hornbill in real life.

It is perhaps because of this imagery playing off in my mind whilst painting, that I managed to capture an uncanny air of aristocracy as well as the stiff upper lip charm, in the portrayal of the bird in this painting.

Look closely at the painting: this damn bird has Attitude, Importance and appears Astute and supremely Authorative. It oozes Aristocracy.

Hence I named this Painting “Jeeves” – much more important sounding than just James …

Dane Willers

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About Dane

Dane Willers

Artist died February 2017
No work will be sold untill further notice

The Serowe Art Studio is now situated on the Eastern Cape Coast !


The Artist attended various art schools in his teens and developed his very particular style once he felt that formal art is too limiting, restrictive and does not allow for his very expressive nature.
Dane started painting in 1967 and 46 years on his works are still unique and popular.
His very first Oil Painting was acquired by a law firm in the Cape in 1968 and was sold for the equivalent of USD 10.00 at the time.

Since then he has done in excess of 4000 works that have found their way to all corners of the globe.

He re-located to Botswana in 1983 where he became renowned for his depiction of the unique Botswana landscape, Wildlife, rural scenes and activities.

After 25 years in Botswana the Artist has now re-located back to South Africa and now works from his Studio in the Eastern Cape.

He has over the past 46 years done numerous commissionings for corporations as well as private individuals,has supplied works to, amongst others, the following:

* President of Botswana - 2008 - (present)
* President of Botswana - 1998 - 2008
* President of Botswana - 1988 to 1998
* Debswana Diamond Company(De Beers, Botswana)
* Teemane Diamond Manufacturing Corporation
* Standard Chartered Bank
* Barclays
* African Bank Corporation
* LBB (German Engineering Co.)
* Serowe Council
* Botswana Power Corporation
* Charlton Electrical Engineering
* Botswana Telecoms
* Chief Justice M. Gaborone
* Ministry of Health, Botswana
* President of Barkino Faso - 1997
* De Beers
* Morupule Colliery (Anglo American)

In addition, numerous works have been acquired by companies and private individuals and are in collections in Denmark,Germany,Wales,USA, Switzerland, Namibia, RSA, Botswana, Holland, France, Italy and many more.

Much of the Artist's time is dedicated to the assistance of the less privileged youth and deserving and talented youngsters with free art classes, materials, guidance and mentoring. Do contact the Atist in this regard.
Please contact the artist in this regard.

Dane has an intimate knowledge of the African bush, Wildlife, Culture and Lifestyle and captures the very essence of Creation in such a manner that it truly celebrates the beauty of creation.
He specializes in Comissioned Work and has done 16 works internationally over the past few months.

The Artist's motto:

"He who cannot see Beauty in the Things around him, has no beauty in his Soul"

Price Range

US$ 83-5,345



Sembach Art Gallery


Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

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