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Natasha Van Niekerk - Kalypso | Other Art Art Painting
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Natasha Van Niekerk - "Kalypso"


Mixed Media, US$ 229


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Mixed Media

W: 2500mm x H: 1800mm x D: 2500mm
W: 98" x H: 71" x D: 98"

Approx. Weight: 5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 229


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About "Kalypso"

Kalypso is probably my favourite piece of art. People, including myself, can't stop looking at her. You can feel her pain/depression when looking at her. That is what I felt when I created her. A lot of emosion went into her creation and people can definitely associate themselves with her. She is always a main topic of conversation with visitors in my house. A show stopper for sure.

Natasha Van Niekerk

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About Natasha

Natasha Van Niekerk

Life inspires me!!

I am an Ancient History Major student at Unisa and the complexity of human relations are fascinating to me and it definitely helps to form ideas around the ground work for my art. I also get a lot of inspiration from my family and friends.

I am a dreamer and philosopher and it can be seen in all of my sculptures.

About my sculptures; they are all close to my heart and difficult to part with. It takes about 3 months to create each one. They are not perfect visually or technically which is what makes them so unique and beautiful. Thus so close to mankind...

Price Range

US$ 156-916



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