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Vernon Fourie - Liquid Light | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Vernon Fourie - "Liquid Light"

"Liquid Light"

Liquid Light
Mixed Media, US$ 2,548

Liquid Light

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Mixed Media
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

W: 1400mm x H: 1100mm x D: 40mm
W: 55" x H: 43" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 12.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 2,548


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Liquid Light

About "Liquid Light"

"Liquid Light" is true testament that the flame of inspiration can be ignited by absolutely anything. I was at a braai at the house of good friends of mine (where inspiration has struck various times before), when my friend randomly placed a torch at the bottom of my cool drink glass while I was taking a sip from it. Excited by the result he took a photograph to show me the effect. Needless to say one look at the image and my Inner Artist was instantly inspired.

It did, however, take a while for the idea to make it onto the canvas. Between the "torch incident" and the first yellow splash I went through a rather uncomfortable and seemingly endless Artist Block. Even though I bought a canvas especially for the "Liquid Light" idea, I went back and forth regarding the execution as I was just not in the mood for another portrait. At one point I even started drawing the image onto the canvas just to erase it again the very next day.

Finally, during the Easter Holidays when I was able to take a breather from ToonSchool, I was able to turn my attention to the blank canvas. I literally woke up one morning with the thought, "Dude, today you're going to paint. I don't care what you paint, or how badly you paint it, but there will be paint on that canvas before the sun sets on this day." While I was wrapping up a few stray errands my head was spinning excitedly between three possible ideas. At the very same time that the moment to choose between them fnally arrived, I received an e-mail from he Stellenbosch Arts Association announcing the theme for the upcoming Members' Exhibition namely, "To See the Light". The choice was clear and rather final.

Like so many of my pieces this artwork has a Spiritual foundation and to me it signifies that what you feed your Spirit with is what you ultimately will receive in return. As is Within, as is Without, and vice versa.

May the Creative Force be with you!

Vernon Fourie

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About Vernon

Vernon Fourie

I am an Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist and Teacher, and, in the words of Marc Chagall, "I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment."

From the Art Brush
I am greatly inspired by Pop Art, the Superhero Culture, Comic Book Art, Movies and Spirituality, and have a near-unhealthy obsession with the use of bright colours.
My Painting Process combines variations of Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Encaustic, while my Technique enthusiastically incorporates the element of chance, allowing selected mediums to bring their own uniqueness to the piece.
My artwork is fuelled by the Geek Sub-Culture: thousands like me who draw their strength and inspiration from fictional heroes by embracing their passion for Superheroes, Epic Adventures, Fantasy and Wonder.
It is about man's ability to imagine and believe and also his ability to draw strength from this belief. It is about becoming something greater by believing in something greater.

From the Pencil
"Genesis for Beginners," my nearly completed Graphic Novel, explores the well-known tale of Adam & Eve from a Humorous and Spiritual angle.
The "I Believe" Coffee Mugs is a series of Illustrations executed in Pen, Ink & Mixed Media and printed onto Ceramic Mugs. As a Collection the "I Believe" Illos celebrate Passion, Belief and Wonder.

From the Marker
Scribing, a more recent addition to my Creative Journey, takes me to the Boardrooms of the Corporate world where I visually document thoughts and ideas in a simplified and humorous way. Projects range from Visual Harvesting during Workshops and Forums to Audio-Visual Recordings for Presentations.
Companies include, amongst others, Capitec Bank and Old Mutual.

From the Heart
ToonSchool, my monthly Cartoon Sessions for Teenagers and Adults, is dedicated to the teaching of hand-drawn Cartoons and Illustrations to those who either wish to learn from scratch, would like to further their own illustrative skill or are interested in pursuing a Career in the fast-growing Illustration & Animation Industries.

May the Creative Force be with You!!!

Price Range

US$ 96-3,088



2017 : "The 8th Annual Friends in Art Exhibition" Landrover/Jaquar Stellenbosch
2016 : Stellenbosch Arts Association Mini-Exhibition Stellenbosch
2016 : "The 7th Annual Friends in Art Exhibition" Landrover/Jaquar Stellenbosch
2015 : Collective Studios Art Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015 : Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015: "Tulbagh Textures" at Tulbagh Arts Festival Tulbagh
2015: "Polka" Group Exhibition at The Tank Gallery Stellenbosch
2015: The Tank Gallery Autumn Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015: Pop-Up Exhibition at The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch
2014: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2014: BolandChic Group Exhibition Wellington
2014: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2013: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2013: 14th GEA Family & Friends Exhibition Bochum, Germany
2013: "Small Works, Big Concepts" Group Exhibition Port Elizabeth
2013: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2012: "Friends in Art" at De Oude Libertas Gallery Stellenbosch
2012: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2012: "I Love my Art" Collaborative Social Event Cape Town
2012: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2012: "From Paris to Pop" Joint Exhibition with Anita van Zyl Stellenbosch
2011: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2011: The Deckle Edge & Friends Exhibition Cape Town
2011: "Friends in Art" at De Oude Libertas Gallery Stellenbosch
2010: "A Slice of Life" Group Exhibition Liebrecht Gallery Somerset West
2010: "Friends in Art" at Bilton Wines Art Exhibition Stellenbosch
2010: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2010: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2009: US Art Gallery 30x30 Group Exhibition Stellenbosch
2009: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2009: Marianna Booyens Studio Gallery Student Exhibition Stellenbosch
2007: Mantis Trading Store Group Exhibition Darling
2005: Motheo Art Exhibition Bloemfontein
2004: "Kuns-Innie-Tyn" Joint Exhibition with Belinda v Zwijndrecht Bloemfontein
2004: "Art in the Garden" Group Exhibition Pretoria


N. Dip. Graphic Design

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