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Heini Van Niekerk - Londonium | Surrealist Art Modern Art
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Heini Van Niekerk - "Londonium"


Print, US$ 1,148


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W: 1189mm x H: 841mm
W: 47" x H: 33"

This work is unframed


US$ 1,148


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Londonium 001

About "Londonium"

The work titled Londonium is the 1st known name for London. It really depicts the struggle and bridges that a person has to cross in a lifetime-like-journey to get...sometimes nowhere in particular. It demonstrates the politics, the fights, the glory, prestige and subsequently death, fertility and the fact that all of this has been caused by man and structures by the architects...but at the end of it all....we are all just a tiny dot, a small speck on paper and if you look at the bigger picture it shows that there is a God in control of the beauty within every creation. I suppose the question at the end of a life could be: "Was those bridges crossed really worth it all?"
Theres a lot more...but I'm sure you can figure it were all only human after all. :)

Heini Van Niekerk

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About Heini

Heini Van Niekerk

Heini van Niekerk an architect by day and artist by night! Paintings are done "a la prima" (Italian for "to the first" painting done by attacking a blank canvas with a paint brush directly)and there is no definite style to him as it al depends on his mood when starring at a blank canvas...he is not an intellectual painter who plan paintings. Heini paints straight from the mind...not to impress but to enjoy his passion!

He Studied architecture and have designed high rise buildings in South Africa the United Kingdom, West India and Dubai. His tallest building designed to date is 60 storeys in height. Architecture is his sculpture of choice and there is no greater feeling than exploring your own works.

He was also a lecturer in Architecture at the Peninsula Technikon in Cape Town South Africa for 3 years. Today he lives in the United Kingdom and are proud to be associated with his open and free minded attitude towards the world.

He's an original creator by heart and loves to indulge himself in his art, paintings and designs. From furniture design, small art pieces, architecture and lately for the last 3

Art is everywhere you just have to set yourself free and know that God is in the detail...of everything.

Price Range

US$ 43-1,148



1994 - Bushmen Art, Windhoek,Namibia
1996 - Robertson, South Africa
1996 - Winner, Robertson(Roy Mundis Art Competition)
2008 - British Home Awards Finialist, London, United Kingdom
2009 - CABE Urban Design Summer School Comp. Finalist, London



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