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Gerald Smith - Love Is In The Air 1 | Contemporary Art
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Gerald Smith - "Love Is In The Air 1"

"Love Is In The Air 1"

Love Is In The Air 1
Watercolor, US$ 85

Love Is In The Air 1

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W: 378mm x H: 275mm x D: 1mm
W: 15" x H: 11" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 85


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About "Love Is In The Air 1"

I did this painting purely from thoughts that came to mind as I was working on it. I uploaded it on to another art site and got this story written about it by a fellow artists which I think is a lovely explanation of this painting: interesting, there is definitely a story there... Penelope grabbed the balloon as she hurried toward her home, it was just floating there, stagnant in the air and the big heart... she wiped away her tears and bravely took hold of these two perfect gifts and began to run down the hill, her long hair flying behind her like fire. She could hear jingles and see butterflies and smell the meadows. Yes, yes , this is just perfect!" she sang out as she thought of her mother, her sick mother. It was her birthday. She wanted something to cheer her up but they had not wealth, and mother was so sick the bills just kept coming through the post box everyday, piling up like a mountain that Penelope would always try to shove under the carpets, but now the carpets were beginning to look like mountains. But today, she did not care about those mountains, today she would smile and dance for her mother." And I say thank you to Sandi Vince for this story!

Gerald Smith

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About Gerald

Gerald Smith

I started drawing at the age of 4. It all just comes naturally.

I do art as it flows from my thoughts and get into creation in some way that can provoke interest within the viewer.
Through my art I try to express my appreciation for something special and life itself, as it comes from the heart. I paint whatever I feel has some meaning for me, sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, sometimes personal and sometimes just plain fun. I enjoy every piece that I do, small or large, with pure artistic pleasure.

I work in various mediums like Acrylic, Charcoal, Oil, Graphite, Watercolor, Pastels etc.

Price Range

US$ 47-520



Kat Snyman Studio
Westline Aviation Bloemfontein
Art markets in Bloemfontein


Mostly Self-educated, Werner Wiid Studio Commercial Art

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