Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30 Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30 Affordable Art 48039
Al Barbour - Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30 | Animals & Wildlife Art Original Art
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Al Barbour - "Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30"

"Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30"

Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30
Print on Canvas, US$ 411

Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Print on Canvas

W: 1800mm x H: 600mm
W: 71" x H: 24"

Approx. Weight: 2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 411 SOLD


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AB21-No. 8 of 30

About "Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30"

Lake Kariba has always been a celebrated wilderness and home to thousands of elephants with the herds drawn to the good grazing along the great lake’s shores. Sadly in recent years the large herds have dwindled along with the state of Zimbabwe, poaching has become rife and the government seems careless to the plight of these magnificent creatures.
The last of the great herds can still be seen grazing and drinking along the lake’s shores in the early hours of the day before disappearing back into the wilderness. Watching this small breeding herd move along the shore is a moment I will treasure.

Al Barbour

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About Al

Al Barbour

My love for art stems from my life to date, a life of travel and exploration through 15 countries in Africa and to 4 of the world's continents. Born in 1973 in the Eastern Cape, I was exposed to nature, wildlife and landscapes from an early age on our family farms. My love for the great outdoors has grown over the years so much so that I try and spend as much as 4 months in the bush every year.

Although not educated as an artist, my professional interests in architecture, interior design and photography have given me an eye for shape, form and colour. Both my passions of work and art have provided me with valuable exposure and combined to give a solid understanding of art and the industry.

My work is largely a result of my seeking and seeing something different, something extraordinary in something that we may see everyday. My work offers me a fantastic platform from which to share the wonderful experiences that nature, my travels and my life have afforded me with the rest of world.

All my works are Gicle[0xC3A9] limited edition canvas prints. Each print is hand signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to ensure that the work of art that you purchase retains and appreciates in value.

Price Range

US$ 293-411



Numerous private exhibitions for game lodges, hotels and resorts, statemen, international stars and business leaders.

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