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Bronwynne Verleur - Massai Lion Hunter | Tribal Art Modern Art
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Bronwynne Verleur - "Massai Lion Hunter"

"Massai Lion Hunter"

Massai Lion Hunter
Mixed Media, US$ 441

Massai Lion Hunter

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Mixed Media

W: 760mm x H: 765mm
W: 30" x H: 30"

This work is unframed


US$ 441


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Massai Lion hunter

About "Massai Lion Hunter"

I have always loved the colourful people of Kenya, the Massai being one of the main cultures. In this painting I depict a traditional rite of passage. When every young boy comes of age they have to go on a lion hunt to prove themselves to be a man. They adorn themselves with a "mane" made of leather and osrtich feathers. If they are able to kill a lion and survive they have earned the right to call themshelves a man. I'm not sure if they still practice the actual act of killing a lion in this ritual in the 21st century. But it is beautifull none the less.

Bronwynne Verleur

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About Bronwynne

Bronwynne Verleur

Born: 1981
Home Town: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
Self taught

Price Range

US$ 110-882


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