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Amanda Neethling - Mongolian Women and Child | Portrait Art Modern Art
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Amanda Neethling - "Mongolian Women and Child"

"Mongolian Women and Child"

Mongolian Women and Child
Acrylic, US$ 90

Mongolian Women and Child

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W: 420mm x H: 570mm x D: 100mm
W: 17" x H: 22" x D: 4"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 90


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national geographic

About "Mongolian Women and Child"

I was going through my National Geographic book, when i came across this picture. There was something about this picture that drew me. The look in the woman's eyes told a story of struggle and determination. This picture changed my way of thinking ,not to take things for grated and to appreciate what i have. I felt a great deal of sadness while producing this work.But i also felt some deal of happiness, that a picture like this could change someone's life in a positive way like mine.

Amanda Neethling

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About Amanda

My name is Amanda and i am 22 years old. I have a great passion for art.I absolutely love painting and sketching as it allows me to express myself in ways that i cannot express through words.

Since I was small I've always liked drawing , no matter how strange the drawing looked. It always made me happy.I absolutely love animals and nature, so most of my paintings that i like creating involves nature , and people from different cultures and tribes.

I put alot of joy and love in my paintings as it means alot to me.I would love people to experience great joy through my work, hopefully it will inspire someone and change there life in some way.

Price Range

US$ 71-90


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