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Paolo Antonio Giacchetti - No More Jam | Contemporary Art
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Paolo Antonio Giacchetti - "No More Jam"

"No More Jam"

No More Jam
Oil on Board, US$ 584

No More Jam

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Oil on Board
canvas covered board

W: 1000mm x H: 800mm x D: 8mm
W: 39" x H: 31" x D:

Approx. Weight: 4.7kg

This work is unframed


US$ 584


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About "No More Jam"

Having read a quote of Aristotle, namely
"The aim of Art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but to represent their inward significance" I decided to focus on what he said on my next painting.
At the time I was concerned about the increase of women and child abuse and the lack of effective measures in dealing with the scourge. I felt sad that a lot of men have lost respect for women and children. I was having my morning coffee while thinking of these things when I noticed the empty jam jars on the table and was inspired to paint as per Aristotle's quote.
It is not the outward appearence but the inward significance

"There is No More Jam(sweetness) in South Africa because Arbei Ryp Vye and not enough is being done about it".
Arbei is Afrikaans for Strawberry. (Strawberry is a Male symbol)
Ryp (pronounced "rape") Vye is Afrikaans for Ripe Figs. (Fig is a Female symbol)
A play of words and language.
My expression of the situation in South Africa regarding the abuse of women and children

Paolo Antonio Giacchetti

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About Paolo Antonio

Paolo Antonio Giacchetti

I'm a former Photovoltaic Solar System Designer and business owner and have always had a passion for art and cooking.
I recently decided to pursue my passions and with the guidance of accomplished artist and friend Fernanda (Nandi) de Lange I have embarked on my journey of the visual arts.
My choice of Medium is Oils but will use other Mediums if, what I want to express or create, needs. I paint what inspires me and want to create.
I also have a passion for photography and enjoy the practice of Contemplative Photography.

Price Range

US$ 122-1,168


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