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Paula Steffensen - Pig 1 | Animals & Wildlife Art Original Art
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Paula Steffensen - "Pig 1"

"Pig 1"

Pig 1
Watercolor, US$ 84

Pig 1

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W: 420mm x H: 297mm
W: 17" x H: 12"

Approx. Weight: 0.02kg

This work is unframed


US$ 84


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Paula Steffensen

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About Paula

Paula Steffensen

' Be Inspired ' is my favourite phrase. I am constantly inspired in this beautiful creative world, sometimes my creativity overruns and my head starts to spin with ideas, I am often caught frantically scribbling down ideas and thoughts and plans.
In fact I have more ideas and plans than I have hands or time for . . .

Living in Africa and spending a lot of time in the wildlife areas inspires me to paint what I see in the way that I see it. Beautiful, free, wild animals, massive vistas of land free from human encroachment, people unaffected by the grind of the city life. Freedom I guess . . .

Creating these pieces of art is an absolute pleasure and fills all of my senses when I work, I am totally engrossed and have become rather known for not answering my 'phone or door . . . apologies to all of my friends and family. xx

I take inspiration from the creatures, sights, people and colours of the world. Whatever sparks my interest will become a piece of joyful creation.

I emigrated to South Africa finally three years ago following a bit of tooing and froing between it and Britain over the course of twenty years. I am British and after marrying a rather handsome South African twenty odd years ago we eventually had a gorgeous child and wanted to raise her in the sunshine of this amazing, beautiful, positive place.
We live near the Kruger National Park, which is perfect for our bird watching, game viewing and camping tendencies.

I hope you enjoy my work half as much as I enjoy doing it.

If you have any questions, ideas or commissions, please contact me.

Price Range

US$ 84-137


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