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Tay Dall - Prescience Web 1 - 3218 | Abstract Art Modern Art
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Tay Dall - "Prescience Web 1 - 3218"

"Prescience Web 1 - 3218"

Prescience Web 1 - 3218
Oil on Canvas, US$ 6,225 5,914

Prescience Web 1 - 3218

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas
acrylic and pastel

W: 2000mm x H: 2000mm x D: 30mm
W: 79" x H: 79" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 10kg

This work is unframed


US$ 5,914 SOLD


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About "Prescience Web 1 - 3218"

The literal meaning of prescience is knowing something in advance before it exists or happens. I wanted a dichotomy of opposing ideas to play against each other in this work. Not only visually but metaphorically as well. I give an impression of something we all understand and sense of being very small within a very massive universe. One idea to think about is that the red dot could be us, lost in a tangle of a spiders nest. Is the spider our friend or our enemy or both friend and enemy as we are too insignificant to represent the effort expended on us as a tiny meal so its nest gives us protection. Another idea could be that the white delicate threads intertwined interminably to form a nest or trap all within a vast blackness of some faraway place in reality or in thought. Another could be synapses in the brain, the simplicity of thin tendrils seem endless and impenetrable as they engulf the presence of something vulnerable like an egg, a cell, a soul, or an expressed idea. The birth of a revolutionary period in history. No matter what feeling or picture is conjured up in the mind of the viewer, this faraway place within the canvas is perhaps imagined and at the same time real. We've all been there. Caught in the uncertainty of making the right decision. A paradox of tangible and dreamlike metaphors is the difference of being asleep and being awake at the same time. The symbolic red dot could be trapped and desperate or, it could be trapped and safe. But it is for certain, trapped whether it wants to be or not. The question is no body or no thing knows when or how it will change its destiny.

Tay Dall

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About Tay

Tay Dall

There is absolutely no one way to describe my work. It may fall under the cliché of its for me to know and you to find out. I do not fall into any canons of modern art, I do not school myself after the masters of my time, I do not express a social or political cause and I do not pretend to paint for a particular audience. I do, however, paint for the purest pleasure of creation, for the free flow of subconscious thought, for the need to escape the confines of law and order. Mostly, my art expresses my way of seeing things. I paint the essence of my existence within my own sense of timelessness. It is through this timelessness that I appreciate the imperfect beauty of a straight line, the subtle splash of winter sunlight and the texture of rough canvas. If I had to describe my work in one sentence, I would say it is pure-raw-genuine soul. My soul. What you see is what you get!

I treat my canvas with sublime indifference. A flickering thought or an incessant feeling can spark off my creative impetus. Each painting conveys its own state of consciousness and its own menu of styles from surrealism to abstraction. There is no overall plan to my individual works. Images are born onto the canvas as they are born into my mind. This is my personal struggle with art; the incongruous relationship between structure and space. This struggle represents a wholeness that encompasses all of my life[0x1]s energies.

To me, the circle of life begins and ends in the exact same spot. There is often a furious circular quality evident in my compositions. Many of the organic forms in my works are but mere extensions of the circle. I use my mediums in thick layers to bring depth and richness to a lifeless surface. My palette includes oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, ink, charcoal and pencil. Although I enjoy working on canvas and board, I tend to disregard conventional surfaces by using old doors, windows, planks of wood and any other unusual material I may find. These castaway items become a realm of possibilities beneath my brush and elicit an ironic truth about my sense of natural beauty.

Beauty is not a need,
But an ecstasy.
It is not the image you would see
Solely with your eyes,
But rather the image you see
Through the doorways of your soul.

Price Range

US$ 142-7,082



2019 "On the Other Side", Ataraxia Vineyard Fynarts, Hermanus RSA
2019 "Overcoming", Young Blood Gallery, Cape Town, RSA
2018 "Overcoming", Gallery on Leviseur, Bloemfontein, RSA
2017 "Synergy", Walker Bay Modern, Hermanus, RSA
2016 "Droom" Oude Libertas Gallery, Stellenbosch, RSA
2016 Fan Court George, Western Cape, RSA
2016 Spookfontein Vineyards at ELL,Hemel an Aarde, RSA
2016 South Hill Vineyards, Elgin, RSA
2015 Group Exhibition, Posthouse Gallery Brisbane, Australia
2015 Group Exhibition Adelman Fine Art, San Diego California, USA
2015 "Free Inside My Own Mind" exhibition, Post House Johannesburg, RSA
2014 "Matter of Mind" exhibition, Art Afrique Johannesburg, RSA
2013 Resident Artist Exhibition, Fairmont Hotel Zimbali KZN, RSA
2013 "The Collection 1" Fynarts, Hermanus, RSA
2012 "Luftkastellet", Malmoe, Sweden
2012 Gallerie Gooilust, Den Haag, Holland
2012 "Something About the Light" Sweden
2011 "Indelible", Imbizo Gallery, Durban, RSA
2011 Icon Hotel, Cape Town, RSA
2010 "Spark", Tay Modern, Hermanus, RSA
2010 Gallery Gooilust, Amsterdam, Holland
2010 Imbizo Gallery, Durban, RSA
2009 "Open Art Fair" Utrecht, Holland
2008 "Intercontinental Cosmos" Gallery Gooilust, Amsterdam, Holland
2007 "Nebula" Rossouw Galleries, Cape Town, RSA
2007 "Atoms and Flight" Tay Modern, Hermanus, RSA
2007 "Nebula "Wembley Square, Cape Town, RSA
2007 "Nebula" The Tay Modern, Hermanus, RSA
2007 Lisa King Gallery, Cape Town, RSA
2006 Relish, Cape Town, RSA
2006 Kizo Art Gallery, Durban, RSA
2006, "Erotica" Rossouw Galleries, Cape Town, RSA
2006, LoveKetchup, London, UK
2006, 2005, 2004 Kirstenbosch, RSA
2005 Art Now Gallery, Johannesburg, RSA
2005, 2004 Rossouw Galleries, Cape Town, RSA
2005, LoveKetchup, Dubaii, U.A.E.
2005, Mark Galleries, Midrand, RSA
2005, 2002 Galerie Plett, Utrecht, Holland
2004, 2002 Salon at the Bay, Cape Town, RSA
2004 AAF, London, UK
2003 AAF, New York City, USA
2003 The Woolff Gallery, London, UK
2003 AAF, London, UK
2002 Salon at the Bay, Cape Town, SA
2002 Carmel Art, Vineyard, Cape Town, SA
2002 Rose Korber, Artscape, Cape Town, SA
2002 Peakenwood, Pretoria, SA
2002 Den Hague Art Fair, Holland
2002 Galerie Plett, Utrecht, Holland
2001 High Constantia, Cape Town, SA
2001 Rosmalen Art Fair, Holland
2001 Den Hague Art Fair, Holland
2001 Van Tellingen, Utrecht, Holland
2001 Michaelangelo, Johannesburg, SA
2001 Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town, SA
2001 Galerie Plett, Utrecht, Holland
1999 Lipschitz Gallery, Cape Town, SA
1999 Bang the Gallery, Cape Town, SA
1999 Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town, SA
1998 Bang the Gallery, Cape Town, SA
1998 Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town, SA
1997 Code Red Gallery, Perth, Australia
1997 Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town, SA
1995 "Homeland", Epicuros, Los Angeles, California, US
1995 William Morris Agency, Los Angeles, California, USA
1995 Aidikoff Screening Room, Los Angeles, California, USA
1995 "Originals", Los Angeles, California, USA
1994 JWE Production Studio, Los Angeles, California, USA
1994 Imperial Bank Exhibition, Los Angeles, California, USA
1994 Devine, L.A. Design Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
1994 Directors' Guild of America, Los Angeles, California, USA
1993 El Pueblo Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
1993 Hollywood Athletic Club, Los Angeles, California, USA
1993 Megaboom, Los Angeles, California, USA


Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Cape Town

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