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Jonathan Rowe - Salvation | Spiritual Art Modern Art
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Jonathan Rowe - "Salvation"


Acrylic on Board, US$ 278


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Acrylic on Board

W: 860mm x H: 1220mm x D: 20mm
W: 34" x H: 48" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 278


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Salvation 1

About "Salvation"

This work was done shortly after i became a christian, and depicts the vast an indescribable difference i experienced in my life both physically, mentally and spiritually. The red and black theme symbolizes darkness before Christ, and the fruitful life experienced after the covering of his blood that was spilled. This particular work has a deep personal relevance to me as it marks the day that i was truly set free from a life of addiction and loss

Jonathan Rowe

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About Jonathan

As an artist, i enjoy painting a variety of subject matter. Being a Christian, I find that most of the artwork available on this particular subject rather restricted to fairly old concepts and ideas. I have embarked on a project that i am hoping will change these antiquated perceptions, by producing a range of work that is fresh and modern. Delivering a powerful message using a combination of both graphics and scripture that will hold an appeal for all age groups, nationalities, and people of differing faiths. I am by no means beholden to this subject matter alone and will be covering a large spectrum of subject matter moving forward. These will usually consist of three to five paintings per project and will all be depictions pertaining to that particular series. I have a huge variety of interests and am inspired to bring most of these to canvass. Future projects include a series of famous musicians, beach and surfing graphics, as well as classic car renditions to name but a few. The world we live in is so alive with the most awesome possibilities and imagery, and I am pleased to say that finding new and inspiring subjects to capture will never be a problem that I believe will occur. I am available for any commissions that are requested and am more than happy to oblige anyone who feels my particular style of work would suit their specific needs or tastes. Most of my work is fairly large in size, as i prefer providing bold, colorful works for feature walls, entrance halls, corporate interiors etc.. That being said, my work has a place anywhere that you believe it does, and i hope that it brings somebody the same joy and fulfillment that I receive creating it.

Price Range

US$ 186-464



Am putting together an exhibition commencing at the end of April 2011, information pertaining to this event and necessary particulars needed will be posted on my page at a later date.


Qualified in graphic art, corporate advertising, film industry.

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