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Babette Katz - Selling Loquots in China | Landscape Art World Art
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Babette Katz - "Selling Loquots in China"

"Selling Loquots in China"

Selling Loquots in China
Oil on Canvas, US$ 619

Selling Loquots in China

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Oil on Canvas

W: 740mm x H: 570mm
W: 29" x H: 22"

This work is unframed


US$ 619


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About "Selling Loquots in China"

having travelled through the three gorges, where so many people have been dispalced, one could only be struck by the poverty and the need to make a little money from the tourists. the sellers walk with baskets on their backs which they then sit on to sell their wares. the isolation and sadness was tangible

Babette Katz

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About Babette

having always been keen on photography and light, i developed the need to transfer these skills onto canvas. my work in the field of disability and training adults has made me sensitive to my surroundings and people within them. all my paintings are done from photos that i have taken and therefore express what i felt at the time of taking them. i am so pleased to have found this new vocation and have been privileged to have had inspiring teachers like miriam stern, walter voigt and cyril coetzee. i continue to attend lessons and workshops.

Price Range

US$ 495-743



Bamboo Gallery group exhibitions


BA Speech & Hearing Therapy. H DIP AD ED. Landscape design

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