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Brian Michael André

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"Agnes Rocks"
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Agnes Rocks
US$ 1,368

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US$ 1,326

"Berlinge Tier"
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Berlinge Tier
US$ 1,316

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US$ 1,284

"Close Venture"
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Close Venture
US$ 1,200

"Crested Poenskop"
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Crested Poenskop
US$ 1,047

"Hazy Buffalo"
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Hazy Buffalo
US$ 1,047

"Pearl Pied Damarensis"
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Pearl Pied Damarensis
US$ 963

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US$ 803

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US$ 770

"Brown Eagle"
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Brown Eagle
US$ 768

"Springbok @ Waterhole"
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Springbok @ Waterhole
US$ 670

"Moerby Reiche"
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Moerby Reiche
US$ 642

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US$ 642

"Hairy One"
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Hairy One
US$ 610

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US$ 572

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Brian Michael André

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About Brian Michael

Brian Michael André

I was born in South Africa and grew up in Welgedacht, near Springs. We lived on an agricultural small holding (Plot) where my childhood was filled with adventure, endless love, nurturing and surreal with nature. For me the process is the adventure and the final result is often the culmination of many hours of painting, meditating and reflection. Many friends and collectors around the world have some of my paintings in their homes. I consider it an honour that someone else would want to own my work.

It is my wish that each piece would embrace the viewer and draw them into a moment of quiet reflection and wonder for this creation of ours. As I paint I am in awe of the abundance of nature, the light, the atmosphere and the intricacies of pattern. Each painting adventure teaches me something about myself. For me, art is a therapeutic journey. It is a time when I feel most complete, fulfilled and whole. I am able to lose myself in the process of creation and that, to me, is like prayer and meditation.

Price Range

US$ 73-1,368



NTD Electronics, WITS S4 Elec Engineering, MAPM, MIET, IRSE

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