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Elsa Cornelissen

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"Wildebeest Stampede"
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Wildebeest Stampede
US$ 2,511

"Zebra Classing Barcodes"
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Zebra Classing Barcodes
US$ 6,047

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US$ 2,665

"Juvenile Leopard"
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Juvenile Leopard
US$ 2,460

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US$ 2,511

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US$ 3,023

"Leopard Portrait"
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Leopard Portrait
US$ 1,127

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Elsa Cornelissen

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About Elsa

Elsa Cornelissen

Art is an extension of myself through which I have been able to channel my emotions and life experience to grow as a person.

My two main styles of work are Wildlife and Symbolic Realism.


Each painting is seen as a tool to communicate an emotion. I would like to give each animal life through my painting, evoking a powerful emotion.

My aim is to communicate our close bond with animals, from the beginning of time we've co-existed on this plant, and we must express a mutual respect towards fellow creatures by conserving this planet and its inhabitants.

The purpose of my art is to convey a message, evoke a feeling, an awareness of the uniqueness not only of a species but of every individual animal whether it be a leopard, a lion or a zebra. I hope that looking at my art, a deeper serious urge will descend in each individuals consciousness a need to protect, to conserve each animal and by doing so be consequently enriched.

Symbolic Realism:

These paintings are a personal affair a private journey of finding and building a self and a life.

Through these paintings I wish to:

Share hope with others.
You are not alone in your situation
Give hope.
You can break free!
You are part of the universe.
There is a place for you other than the one you are in.
It has a name.
It is abuse!

Price Range

US$ 1,127-6,047



Elsa has held various one-person and group exhibitions and her internationally renowned art forms part of private collections all over the world.


BA in Fine Arts and a ( H Ed) at the University of Pretoria

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