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Deidre Howarth

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"Riding on the Beach 2"
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Riding on the Beach 2
US$ 475

"After the Blessings"
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After the Blessings
US$ 242

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US$ 1,123

"Windmill in Barkley District"
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Windmill in Barkley District
US$ 242

"Purple Sunset"
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Purple Sunset
US$ 69

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US$ 242

"Rowling Wave"
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Rowling Wave
US$ 674

"Keeping an Eye on Pasersby"
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Keeping an Eye on Pasersby
US$ 752

"Cows Life in the Transkei"
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Cows Life in the Transkei
US$ 432

"Martial Eagle / Breekop Aarend"
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Martial Eagle / Breekop Aarend
US$ 1,728

"Oregon Forest"
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Oregon Forest
US$ 81

"Sunrise Fishing"
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Sunrise Fishing
US$ 58

"Angels Gathering"
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Angels Gathering
US$ 104

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US$ 467

"Secretary Bird"
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Secretary Bird
US$ 130

"New Bubbles "
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New Bubbles
US$ 484

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Deidre Howarth

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About Deidre

Deidre Howarth

I am inspired by inner creativity that finds its expression in art. Nature, with its diverse beauty, depth, shades, and colours inspires me to capture this beauty for others to discover it. That one of God's greatest gifts to us is the ability to create has inspired me to paint as an expression of that creativity. I hope to inspire others so that they can discover and express their creativity. When it comes to painting homes, every home has a story to tell and that story always deserves to be told in one form or another as it is only through the stories of others that we discover hope and a way in life.

I was born in Pretoria 31st of January 1970 and grew up there. I always wanted to paint but never had the opportunity to do so. I married Phillip Howarth 10th of April 1993 and we moved to Stutterheim where both my boys Liewelyn and Eugene were born. We then moved to Queenstown where I had the opportunity to attend an art class in 2004, and have never looked back. I have sold paintings to customers all over the world including in England, Austria, Holland, America, and all over South Africa.

Price Range

US$ 58-1,728



Have done more than 50 Exhibitions since 2004 till 2015.

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