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Gilly KaMangena

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"I Guess This Is what They Call Life"
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I Guess This Is what They Call Life
US$ 308

"Miners On Duty"
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Miners On Duty
US$ 431

"Zulu Couple"
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Zulu Couple
US$ 2,617

"The Nude Bookkeeper"
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The Nude Bookkeeper
US$ 1,539

"Just Another Tradition"
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Just Another Tradition
US$ 667

"Made It Trough Last Winter"
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Made It Trough Last Winter
US$ 257

"Let's See How Far This Goes"
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Let's See How Far This Goes
US$ 1,847

"The Rider"
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The Rider
US$ 1,560

"The Ride Two"
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The Ride Two
US$ 821

"All We Have Is Us"
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All We Have Is Us
US$ 821

"Cattle Grazing"
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Cattle Grazing
US$ 806

"The Dance"
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The Dance
US$ 2,432

"Two Brothers And a Sister "
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Two Brothers And a Sister
US$ 1,796

"Three Sisters and a Brother"
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Three Sisters and a Brother
US$ 1,796

"Just A Tear Drop"
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Just A Tear Drop
US$ 2,258

"A Tear Drop Shed By Two"
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A Tear Drop Shed By Two
US$ 2,053

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Gilly KaMangena

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About Gilly

Gilly KaMangena

Gilly KaMangena was born 1975 in Killerny, Johannesburg, South Africa. He discovered his art talent at an early age and since then his love for art never left him. As a child he always drawn and painted for fun until at the age of fourteen when he entered his first art completion, the City Press. Kiddies Corner competition, the first drawing he sent won him the weekly prize and that was the first of few other prizes. He also won few prizes when he represented his high school during his early high school years and because of his determination and inspiration his teachers thought it was necessary to transfer him to an art high school quite distant from where he lived and thats where he passed his matric.
After high school he did two years with the University of South Africa but due to financial difficulties he ended up dropping out but kept on doing what he loves. In 1999 Gilly decided to make art his career and since then he has been moving around the country placing his works in art galleries.
In 2009 he exhibited his work with The New York Art Beat in New York and in 2011 the Centurion Art Gallery in Pretoria, South Africa. Gillys works have been sold to local and international art buyers and collectors.
Gilly has now finish with his resent Linked In a theme that is inspired by Africa and its cultures, basically African portraits limited to seven paintings and now working on Acting Out an abstracts theme inspired by oppressions and abuse that people are put under in the cooperate world, this theme is limited to five paintings. Gillys works can sometime be taken from day to day life reflection in to art but the fact that his personality is added to the works gives new meanings to what someone may have seen before and that give his work that sense of uniqueness. He also has special attachment to each of his work as his personality inspires every piece of work he has ever done.

Price Range

US$ 62-4,618



"The Gallery", Menlo Park Pretoria
World Fine Art Gallery(New Art Beat), New York
Centurion Art Gallery, Pretiria


Matric/Selftaught artist

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