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Ewa Mogilnicka

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"Last Supper"
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Last Supper
US$ 3,241

"Brandwag, Golden Gate"
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Brandwag, Golden Gate
US$ 1,389

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US$ 1,852

"Cosmos Fields"
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Cosmos Fields
US$ 1,852

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US$ 463

"Surprised or annoyed"
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Surprised or annoyed
US$ 1,111

"Memories of the Baltic Sea"
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Memories of the Baltic Sea
US$ 741

"The oak trees"
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The oak trees
US$ 278

"My Father"
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My Father
US$ 926

"Back O' the Moon Cottage"
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Back O' the Moon Cottage
US$ 1,667

"Little Brown Jobs"
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Little Brown Jobs
US$ 324

"Alpine Sunset"
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Alpine Sunset
US$ 926

"The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)"
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The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)
US$ 417

"Dung beetles"
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Dung beetles
US$ 278

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Ewa Mogilnicka

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About Ewa

Ewa Mogilnicka

I am inspired by beauty, in particular the beauty of surrounding nature. The versitality and prettiness of the gemstones inspires me as well. My art adventure started with the gemstones almost 2 decades ago and gemstones became part of my life. The gemstones, as a creation of nature, are wonderful, atractive and emanate an atmosphere of happiness and peace. I like impressionistic, realistic and expressionistic art. I enjoy wonderful views and landscapes.
Frequently I am inspired by something that I see, but it may take a few years before I would approach the subject and create a painting. I hope that you as a viewer of my paintings will also experience the harmony that is expressed by my use of miniature gemstones.

Price Range

US$ 278-3,241



September 2005 - February 2006 Rock Shop, Clarence, Free State
Since 2006 - Bovidian Art Galery, Bloemfontein, Free State
July 2006 - National Art Festival, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape
Since 2008 - The Edge, Hogsback, Eastern Cape


University Degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Masters, PhD

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