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Inanda Page

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US$ 675

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Inanda Page

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About Inanda

Inanda Page

About my work currently...
Most of the works I create are pure imagination and intuition. I was trained as a decor artist and painted murals and tromp l'oeil for years but I quickly learned that to paint in the same manner in art did not satisfy my aesthetic.
Through my development, I have found that sky and water are the best elements for me to translate my inner thoughts which I am unable to translate eloquently in words. I can be as abstract in the execution as I like and only use colour and tone and line to speak without being hampered by the burden of trying to accurately capture a 'scene'. I am creating spaces for the viewer to step into and complete with their own memories and experience but don't dictate beyond a basic tone.
Water and sky fascinate me as it is ever changing. The use of brushes to soften lines and palette knife to add movement and ascents are done intuitively. To overthink a mark and plotting lines ruins the spontaneity and freshness of the work for me. I feel if I make a mark loose but sure and leave it, it will still have a sense of moving, ever changing. The work will not trap anyone in any one moment but always give the sense of being in motion. My preferred medium is oil paint as I love the texture and luxury of a slower drying medium that affords me the time to explore glazing and impasto techniques with my trusted palette knife and brush. On closer reflection, I would have to say that my work is a subtle and maybe sometimes expressive mix of tonalism and luminism Colour fascinates and sometimes frustrate me and exploring the different pigments and manufacturing results is an added passion for the hours spent in my home studio.

"in times when one can produce no great effect in the outer world, one should seek to shape the expression of one's being in small ways" I'Ching 9, the image

Price Range

US$ 79-675



* Sept- Smuts museum with ART CAPTURE
• Feb- FAS, curator, Sammy at Artbox (group)
• Feb -Johann van Heerden gallery, female landscape artists (group)
• Jan -Johann van Heerden gallery opening (group)

• Aug -Saxonwold art events gallery, curated by Marlise le Roux (group) with guest music star Dewald Wasserfall
• Aug- Decorex Midrand, with The showroom art Gallery
• June- Art alive, curated by committee
• Feb/24- Art lovers, Solo, Impressions: a remix of the system

• Oct/29- Johann van Heerden gallery, Solo, Becoming
• Aug- Decorex Midrand solo stand
• June- Art alive WHPS curated by committee
• June- The showroom art gallery (group), radio interview RSG

• May- music video for Laurika Rauch and Bok van Blerk,
• April- Gauteng fine art and antiques fair with Adriaan Boschof Jr and friends
• Feb/21- Solo Ameliorate the selfie, Tina Skukan gallery
• Feb- The showroom art gallery, Se dit met blomme, (group)

• Nov- Saxonwold art event gallery Blocx group exhibition, Marlise le Roux
• Aug- Decorex Midrand solo stand with guest Marlise le Roux
• June- Art Alive WHPS
• June- Saxsonwold art events gallery (group) with guest music star Elvis Blue
• April- Art fair , Brooklyn with Neil Moss (group)
• April- Johann van Heerden gallery, pop up exhibition
• April-KKNK with Loubser Trent gallery
• April-Loubser Trent gallery , under R2000 (group)
• March-Art lovers Solo, Saudade
• Jan- Pretoria art association members group exhibition

• Oct- Saxonwold art events gallery, Creative blocks group exhibition
• September- Art lovers, First solo, A memory of light
• June- Art alive WHPS


• Nov- Heart in the garden _The art of living (group)
• Nov- Diane Victor auction exhibition
• Nov-The showroom art gallery, miniatures group exhibition
• Oct- Johann van Heerden and friends (group)
• Oct- Art lovers, miniatures group exhibition
• Oct-Art lovers, Alice group exhibition

• September-Lucid-tree exhibition curated by Dagmar Quadros


• September , St Lorient, Jacaranda-splendour of the city, curated by Eric Bolsman (group)


Self-taught artist. Qualified Decor artist Makeup artist

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