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Garth Marais - "a guy with a suit ..."

"a guy with a suit ..."

a guy with a suit ...
enamel, oil, US$326

a guy with a suit ...

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enamel, oil

W: 760mm x H: 608mm x D: 40mm
W: 30" x H: 24" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed





(with the artist)



About "a guy with a suit ..."

Full title is "A guy with a suit and a scorched earth policy" and is a indictment on corporations,greed, government and their systematic rape of the planet.

Garth Marais

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About Garth

Garth is an Artist with based in South Africa.

Inspired by Antony Micallef, Francis Bacon. Having only started seriously painting a year ago, I am currently still constrained to the drudgery of the mind-numbing day job.The dream is to paint full-time however. The idea of juxtaposing dark underlying themes with non-representational and non-threatening subject matter is appealing, while all the time having one's tongue jammed firmly in the cheek. I hope to explore this more in-depthly in the future. For now my current work on display here leans more to the decorative side of the contempory art fence. Having said this, the art scene is almost pathalogically pretentious, so I'm not inclined to take the grandiosity of it all too seriously.Coming from a graphic design background I also feel a pull to weld the urban/street stencilling counter-culture to the canvas and have someone lash it to their wall, all while I continue feeding this subversive creative compulsion.

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Graphic design diploma, self taught

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