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Ezette van der Merwe - Sunflowers in Pot | Still Life Modern Art
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Ezette van der Merwe - "Sunflowers in Pot"

"Sunflowers in Pot"

Sunflowers in Pot
Acrylic on Board, US$ 489

Sunflowers in Pot

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Acrylic on Board

W: 750mm x H: 680mm
W: 30" x H: 27"

Approx. Weight: 4kg

This work is unframed


US$ 489


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Sunflowers in pot

About "Sunflowers in Pot"

The beauty of the sunflower inspired me to do this painting. What in the world can possible be more beautiful than a sunflower? And the most awesome thing about a sunflower, it turns it's head so that it can face the the son all through the day. What a witness that is to all of us..."In order for us to GROW and LIVE we too have to look AT THE SON [of God] at all times!"

Ezette van der Merwe

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About Ezette

Ezette van der Merwe

To live life DAY BY DAY, that is my motto. To create and to share with others what has been given to me... that is what blesses me!

Each painting is a part of who I am... of who I am becoming as I journey through life. My hearts desire is that these paintings will touch and bless everyone with their abundant colour, texture and life!

Price Range

US$ 176-587



My creativity is coming from the inside!

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