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Wayne Saunders - The Accuser | Spiritual Art Modern Art
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Wayne Saunders - "The Accuser"

"The Accuser"

The Accuser
Other, US$ 236

The Accuser

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W: 110mm x H: 200mm x D: 110mm
W: 4" x H: 8" x D: 4"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 236


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About "The Accuser"

The amazing colour of this piece was what first attracted me to it but once the 'un-veiling' process began, i witnessed the emerging hooded figure with the pointing and accusing arm.

Wayne Saunders

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About Wayne

Wayne Saunders

Nature and natural processes collaborate in the creation of my sculptures; wind, water,insects,and natural weathering all contribute to determining the subject. Stored sunlight in the form of the lignin in wood which is my favourite medium allows the energy of long gone sunrises and sunsets to shine through in the grain of the wood and the latent energy of this stored sunlight imbues creation with beauty.

Price Range

US$ 145-418



A percentage of profits will be donated to The Wilderness Leadership School. The selected pieces of wood that become sculptures have been exhibited in natures gallery in some cases for decades, on windswept shores, the hot baking savannahs of Africa and flooding rivermouths where they disgorge into the southern oceans. I happen upon them and recognise the hidden and sometimes not so hidden forms within them. Each piece also contains a story of hidden journeys.


Transformative Wilderness guiding Specialist/ Natural Artist

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