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Danie Potgieter - The Castaway a Lost Soul | Contemporary Art
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Danie Potgieter - "The Castaway a Lost Soul"

"The Castaway a Lost Soul"

The Castaway a Lost Soul
Other, US$ 1,312

The Castaway a Lost Soul

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Wood, shell-sandstone

W: 370mm x H: 1330mm x D: 290mm
W: 15" x H: 52" x D: 11"

Approx. Weight: 75kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,312


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About "The Castaway a Lost Soul"

When I received the wood counter block, dating from the early wooden boat fishing days of St Helena Bay, the thought was a to make a table. While scavenging the coastline for artifacts I came upon the washed-out shell-sandstone rock. Thinking that this could work as a base for another piece, I carried it home and lay it on the ground.

The shape of the stone made it turned over, as I lay it down, and there in front of me stared a face right at me.
I saw the face with an lost soul expression,shouting for help as it was first carved by the hand of nature. This was a sign, and right behind the stone stand a 50kg wood counter block from a old bygone wood fishing trawler.

They belonged together, they found each other as I was just the vehicle to brought them to one place.

Both came from the sea, both been discard by the sea, a castaway on a lonely beach.

Danie Potgieter

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About Danie

Danie Potgieter

I see my art as my expression, I don't have any art degree, in fact, I know nothing about art. All I know is that to "create"- art its free, art is expression and art is not bound by rules. I paint and sculpts free from any rules or forms, only as I feel it.

The organic evolution of nature and what we place in it, combined, make for an interesting visual dynamic setting. Discarded by our ocean, as she disgorge it at high tide, I utilized the yield materiel in a representation in my imagined setting.

My work presently is my expression of the oceans mysteries which hold a great fascination, and as she gives us a gimps from her inner soul.

I don't choose color, theme or form. Nature and natural features joins into my creations, as each piece unconscious becomes my expression.

My focus is predominantly land, sea and nature. I use aerosol spray cans as my paint medium, largely to the natural feel and the lack of control delivered by spray cans. I sculpt with what is around me, sometime a stone or block of wood can lay for months before, it will reveal itself as to what it wants to become.

Price Range

US$ 93-1,312



Mollas Art Gallery - Rustenburg



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