The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon Affordable Art 48332
Andre van den Ordel - The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon | Landscape Art World Art
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Andre van den Ordel - "The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon"

"The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon"

The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon
Print, US$ 182

The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon

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W: 500mm x H: 370mm x D: 3mm
W: 20" x H: 15" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 182


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The Farm Yard_option_1

About "The Farmyard - Peppermint Wagon"

A colour dash of the past. Decorative and calming cool colours of peppermint with a warm dash of orange. A painting to go with the oregon pine floored houses or ultra modern.

We will re- quote if you want a different size

Andre van den Ordel

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About Andre

Andre van den Ordel

Digital art is coming of age. We now can draw with pastels, chalk, oil pastels, all kinds of brushes onto different textures onto a blank screen page. The difference is we can add all our media we see around us from printed material to digital/video pictures/footage. This allows us to create art that the old masters could not. We can now dabble in this awesome technique and bring it into the history of art books were it deserves to be and is now being recognised by the world at large. My exciting journey starts when pixels and binary code and the traditional mix into an array of colourful unique beauty. Our fast paced society demands things faster and that can duplicate. Now we can - even faster. Change is part of our growth. A.Van Den Ordel.

I am trained as a Graphic Designer with a national Diploma in Graphic Design from Wits and worked as one for 17 years. As designers we always yearn for self expression and not to have clients wanting to make changes all the time. Here we can reveal our love for visual beauty. As a modern day artist - my instrument is the fascinating and interesting computer brush. Each generation through all the years has come up with new looks and ways of painting and so we have come of age with our modern day tools and software. You still have to know how to paint and wheeling a mouse to draw is no easy feat. The modern day picture can be intricate and involved with many layers and has its own fascinating outcomes. Digital Painting is our new art form ready to go into history of art. My art has varied styles influenced by surrealism, pop art and impressionism but bringing in a new tool for the visual perception of colour, shapes and techniques used in the past. It brings a story into your home to brighten your day or provoke your imagination as we appreciate all that is wonderful in this beautiful world of ours. I still love big and bold brush strokes and so enjoy combining them with pixels. All my art exploits texture and pixels which is harder to see in a painting that is reduced to the size you see here as examples. I will momentarily explore pixel brushes of traditional paint but my real goal is the exploration of the pixel in its purist form to show our world as it is in our imagination today.

Price Range

US$ 146-728



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National Diploma in graphic design

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