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Abigail Sarah Bagraim - The Lessening of The Moon | Contemporary Art Fine Art
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Abigail Sarah Bagraim - "The Lessening of The Moon"

"The Lessening of The Moon"

The Lessening of The Moon
Etching, US$ 97

The Lessening of The Moon

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W: 200mm x H: 150mm
W: 8" x H: 6"

This work is unframed


US$ 97


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About "The Lessening of The Moon"

A ritual dramatizing of the exile of the Shekhinah is the ceremony of yom kippur katan, or Lesser Day of Atonement, as the Kabbalists called the day before the new moon, that was devoted to fasting and repentance. This particular day came to be widely celebrated; the name yom kippur katan was first used in Safed. This 'lessening of the moon' was interpreted by the Kabbalists as a symbol of the Shekhinah's exile. The Shekinah itself is the 'holy moon,' which has fallen from its high rank, been robbed of its light and sent into cosmic exile. Since then, exactly like the moon itself, it has shone only with reflected light. With the Talmudic explanation, which relates only to the description of the moon as the 'lesser light' in the first chapter of Genesis, the Kabbalists connected their knowledge of the changing phases of the moon, which seemed to indicate that until the Messianic redemption the moon (and the Shekhinah as well) would time and time again sink back into utter lightlessness. Only in redemption would the moon be restored to its original state, and in support of this belief a verse from Isaiah (30:26) was cited. In the meantime, no cosmic occurrence seemed to the Kabbalists to be more closely connected with the exile of all things, with the deficiency and the blemish inherent in all being, than this periodic lessening of the moon.

Abigail Sarah Bagraim

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About Abigail Sarah

Abigail Sarah Bagraim

Abigail Sarah Bagraim is a professional artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Abigail specialises in paintings on the Jewish Mystical Theme and has been working in this field for over 30 years

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US$ 97-1,013



Master of Fine Art, cum laude - Rhodes University
Master of Social Sciences, University of Cape Town


Master Fine Art - Rhodes Univ, & MasSocial Science Religious UCT

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