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Vernon Fourie - The Return | Portrait Art Art Painting
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Vernon Fourie - "The Return"

"The Return"

The Return
Other, US$ 1,759

The Return

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Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

W: 750mm x H: 1000mm x D: 40mm
W: 30" x H: 39" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 13kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,759 SOLD


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The Return

About "The Return"

"The Return" pays homage to my second favourite Superman actor, Brandon Routh, and his role in Superman Returns, 2006, directed by Bryan Singer.
Even though this film was apparently ridiculously criticized, I thought it to be a beautiful tribute to the Superman movies of the 1980's. Not only was the casting impeccable (in certain scenes the resemblance between Routh and Reeve was absolutely uncanny) but it proved once again why the Man of Steel is indeed called the Man of Steel. (Seriously, the man uprooted and lifted an island out of the water! He got shot in the eye and the bullet crumpled! The eye..! And crumpled..! Let's take some time to mull that over...)
Besides all of the countless amazing feats by our fearless hero in this movie, special credit must also be given to Kevin Spacey and his flawless and superb portrayal of Lex Luthor. The best Lex ever!!!
The original photograph that inspired this Artwork was taken by David James and appeared in an exquisite coffee table book about the making of Superman Returns. The book features the most remarkable collection of photographs varying from movie stills to glimpses behind the scenes and moments on the set. Quite extraordinary!
What attracted me to this specific picture was the pair of glasses worn by Brandon Routh, incorporating both Superman and his secret identity, Clark Kent, into a single image. This well-known duality has followed the Man of Steel for almost a century and the humour that Kent brought to the screen is one thing that I find missing from the current-day reinvention of the Superman saga.
Both Bryan Singer and David James, through their respective disciplines, aimed to create a modern-day story and digital imagery, but set in the 1940's, the Golden Age of Comic Books, when Superman first appeared. To stay true to their vision I turned to the colour palette of the Art Deco Movement which is a lot paler than my normal let's-see-how-bright-we-can-make-this Pop Art colour-use. I think we can all agree that this was somewhat more successful in theory than in practice, for once colour happened there was no turning back.
This fairly noticeable use of pink did not form part of the initial planning. Two days before the artwork commenced I learned that there are those who dislike Brandon Routh simply because they think him to be gay. Whether this is true or merely based on his other acting roles one will never know. What I do know is that this narrow-minded sh*t is so 1984 I could vomit! So the pink kind of made its way onto the canvas out of mere pissed-off-ness and as a form of protest. One does what one can...
"The Return" with Brandon Routh follows the portraits of Christopher Reeve ("The Ultimate Hero: Christopher D'Olier Reeve (1952-2004)") and Henry Cavill ("Rebirth of a Legend") to form a series of portraits of the most popular actors to ever don the famous Superman suit.
May the Creative Force be with you!

Vernon Fourie

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About Vernon

Vernon Fourie

I am an Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist and Teacher, and, in the words of Marc Chagall, "I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment."

From the Art Brush
I am greatly inspired by Pop Art, the Superhero Culture, Comic Book Art, Movies and Spirituality, and have a near-unhealthy obsession with the use of bright colours.
My Painting Process combines variations of Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Encaustic, while my Technique enthusiastically incorporates the element of chance, allowing selected mediums to bring their own uniqueness to the piece.
My artwork is fuelled by the Geek Sub-Culture: thousands like me who draw their strength and inspiration from fictional heroes by embracing their passion for Superheroes, Epic Adventures, Fantasy and Wonder.
It is about man's ability to imagine and believe and also his ability to draw strength from this belief. It is about becoming something greater by believing in something greater.

From the Pencil
"Genesis for Beginners," my nearly completed Graphic Novel, explores the well-known tale of Adam & Eve from a Humorous and Spiritual angle.
The "I Believe" Coffee Mugs is a series of Illustrations executed in Pen, Ink & Mixed Media and printed onto Ceramic Mugs. As a Collection the "I Believe" Illos celebrate Passion, Belief and Wonder.

From the Marker
Scribing, a more recent addition to my Creative Journey, takes me to the Boardrooms of the Corporate world where I visually document thoughts and ideas in a simplified and humorous way. Projects range from Visual Harvesting during Workshops and Forums to Audio-Visual Recordings for Presentations.
Companies include, amongst others, Capitec Bank and Old Mutual.

From the Heart
ToonSchool, my monthly Cartoon Sessions for Teenagers and Adults, is dedicated to the teaching of hand-drawn Cartoons and Illustrations to those who either wish to learn from scratch, would like to further their own illustrative skill or are interested in pursuing a Career in the fast-growing Illustration & Animation Industries.

May the Creative Force be with You!!!

Price Range

US$ 100-2,533



2017 : "The 8th Annual Friends in Art Exhibition" Landrover/Jaquar Stellenbosch
2016 : Stellenbosch Arts Association Mini-Exhibition Stellenbosch
2016 : "The 7th Annual Friends in Art Exhibition" Landrover/Jaquar Stellenbosch
2015 : Collective Studios Art Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015 : Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015: "Tulbagh Textures" at Tulbagh Arts Festival Tulbagh
2015: "Polka" Group Exhibition at The Tank Gallery Stellenbosch
2015: The Tank Gallery Autumn Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2015: Pop-Up Exhibition at The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch
2014: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2014: BolandChic Group Exhibition Wellington
2014: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2013: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2013: 14th GEA Family & Friends Exhibition Bochum, Germany
2013: "Small Works, Big Concepts" Group Exhibition Port Elizabeth
2013: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2012: "Friends in Art" at De Oude Libertas Gallery Stellenbosch
2012: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2012: "I Love my Art" Collaborative Social Event Cape Town
2012: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2012: "From Paris to Pop" Joint Exhibition with Anita van Zyl Stellenbosch
2011: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2011: The Deckle Edge & Friends Exhibition Cape Town
2011: "Friends in Art" at De Oude Libertas Gallery Stellenbosch
2010: "A Slice of Life" Group Exhibition Liebrecht Gallery Somerset West
2010: "Friends in Art" at Bilton Wines Art Exhibition Stellenbosch
2010: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2010: "Friends in Art" Annual Exhibition Stellenbosch
2009: US Art Gallery 30x30 Group Exhibition Stellenbosch
2009: Stellenbosch Arts Association Members' Exhibition Stellenbosch
2009: Marianna Booyens Studio Gallery Student Exhibition Stellenbosch
2007: Mantis Trading Store Group Exhibition Darling
2005: Motheo Art Exhibition Bloemfontein
2004: "Kuns-Innie-Tyn" Joint Exhibition with Belinda v Zwijndrecht Bloemfontein
2004: "Art in the Garden" Group Exhibition Pretoria


N. Dip. Graphic Design

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