The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder) The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder) Affordable Art 88743
Aubrey Thomas Goodman - The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder) | Still Life Art Painting
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Aubrey Thomas Goodman - "The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder)"

"The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder)"

The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder)
Print, US$ 269

The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder)

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W: 400mm x H: 500mm
W: 16" x H: 20"

Approx. Weight: 0.7kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 269


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About "The Witch Of Hex River(Cape's Ultimate Wonder)"

Click on the symbol under photo for full view. The Witch of Hexriver mountain is in Hexriver Valley, 5 km. from Worcester (Capital of the Breederiver Valley) on the N1 route, 120 km. from Cape Town. This unique landscape with a face, breasts, legs and veil is surely one of South- Africa's biggest unknown attractions and definitely Cape Town's fairest mountain. Worcester is known for his galleries, Kleinplasie Museum, Botanical Garden, Fairy Glen game reserve and many more things to do and see.According to the legend was Eliza Meiring a South African legendary figure who lived in the 18th century and also known as The Witch of Hexriver. Among the Huguenots who settled at the Cape, there was one Pierre Savoye with his wife and daughter. with the flight from the French border to the Netherlands, their only son died. They came to the Cape with Eliza, their only daughter. Savoye quickly got ahead in life, selling his farm in Drakenstein and moving to another in Hexriver, called Buffelskraal(Today Clovelly). Because Eliza was exceptionally beautiful, of noble blood and, moreover, well educated, many young men competed for her hand. Of all, she choose a young man, Jean Durand. However, before she would give him her hand in marriage, he had to perform, like the knights of old, a valiant action to show that he really loved her, and that he was brave enough to marry a noble lady.Her wish was that he to pick her a red flower ( probably the Disa Grandiflora) growing in the upper reaches of the mountain on the farm. About this the man laughed and climbed the Matroosberg with his rifle.After a few hours of climbing, he found himself on the ridge and then lay down to look over the side. Beneath him he saw the red flower and, after a lot of effort, picked it, but then the rock on the ridge, which consisted of weathered sandstone, crumbled and he crashed to the valley below. A herdsman eventually found him. His death so affected Eliza that she lost her mind. Her family had to keep her confined to their home, but one night, filled with remorse she escaped and threw her off the same ridge. P.N. this is the only close up photo of The Witch of Hexriver on the internet and part of my sales I donate to charity in Worcester. Also see Cape Town Tourism/ Nature and Adventure.This photo of Cape Town's fairest landscape is covered with an elegance glass topped frame to make sure that this South- African experience is the perfect gift.

Aubrey Thomas Goodman

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About Aubrey Thomas

Aubrey Thomas Goodman

I am Aubrey Thomas Goodman, better known in The Western Cape as a wedding photographer. Never in my life/career was i so bound by nature as the moment that i have stand before The Witch of Hexriver mountain. Born and raised in Worcester i was always amazed by this wonder and very dissapointed that this beautiful framework of nature is not a known attraction in South- Africa. The photo and certificate of the legend is for sale at a very affordable price so that anyone can have this South- African art in their homes. I believe that it is my God's driven purpose to help and feed those who can't help themselves and has lose hope and faith. I know that as long as i do that my living shall not be in vain. I dedicate this work to my beloved parents Philip and Johanna Goodman. GOD BLESS.

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US$ 269-269



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