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Lavonne Bosman - Three Walking Mamas | Tribal Art Original Art
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Lavonne Bosman - "Three Walking Mamas"

"Three Walking Mamas"

Three Walking Mamas
Print on Paper, US$ 363

Three Walking Mamas

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Print on Paper
Limited edition, signed Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper

W: 900mm x H: 600mm x D: 1mm
W: 35" x H: 24" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 363


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3Walking mamas

About "Three Walking Mamas"

During the time that I lived in the Transkei there were a couple of occasions that I spent the day with the Xhosa mamas. This was a particularly remarkable day that the government delivered seedlings to the people. All they had to do is go to the chief's house to collect it. The chief's house is about 30km from Coffee Bay, so a couple of elder mamas asked me to please take them there.
I spent the whole day with about 500 Xhosa women, me being the only white person and hardly able to speak a lot of Xhosa, waiting for the arrival of the seedlings. In my memory it is one of the most special days of my life. I went totally unprepared because I didn't think it would take so long, but the mamas looked after me and shared their lunch of bread, polony slices and Twizza (a cheap version of coca cola) bought at a close-by spaza shop. I remember much love and laughter shared amongst the mamas.
This photograph was taken right at the end of the day on our way home when I stopped the car to photograph these three walking mamas, carrying the bags of seedlings on their heads. The tradition of carrying heavy objects on the head being very unique to the Xhosa people.

Lavonne Bosman

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About Lavonne

Lavonne Bosman

The kind of photographic art style I work in, is not of the instant variety that our culture is currently satiating itself with, but rather relevant in an archival, historical space of time, especially keeping in mind the fact of rapid development in our urban and rural spaces. It requires natural light and natural moments to create and in that way is something that is completely unique.

I've been developing my style of photographic art for many years and can finally say that I've come to a place where I know what I want my art to look like. My wish is for my art to be taken as seriously as other mediums of art. I want to see it printed large scale and hanging on walls in houses and hotels or other buildings for years to come.

I am a natural light photographer with a great love for Africa and it's people. Exploring new places and cultures is my desire and I love travelling from the Western Cape to other parts of our diverse country, such as the Eastern Cape, Transkei, where I lived for 2 and a half years (in a caravan!), teaching basic literacy and documenting the amaXhosa people in their rural homelands and I try to still visit for a couple of weeks every year.

People are my passion and I love capturing natural moments in natural light, reflecting a person's true character through more artistic portraits. I've been taking photographs for more than 10 years, starting out with black & white film photography and darkroom developing and I find my eye still inclined to that look.

I love capturing moments as I see it, keeping it real without interfering too much. When I take a photo I often consider what the meaning of it might be for future generations. I love my 50mm. Light and emotion is my inspiration.

Photography is my art and I believe that true art stands through time. Art takes patience to create and it cannot be forced. Sometimes the elements are just not right and it can be challenging. But when the time is right and it is God's will He will bless you with something so beautiful that it can purely be a gift. And that makes everything worth it.

Price Range

US$ 182-590



2009 'Ilungile, It is good' A solo exhibition at the Artscape in Cape Town
2013"Makhelwane, My neighbour" - a solo exhibition in association with the Associazione Piemontesi di Citta del Capo.
2016 Group exhibition with the Stellenbosch Arts Society
2017 "Licht der Hoffnung" Migration in the B√ľndner Bergwelt. Chur, Switzerland


BA Drama, Photography, TEFL

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