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Vanessa Steyn - Western Europe Ballet Dancer | Portrait Art World Art
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Vanessa Steyn - "Western Europe Ballet Dancer"

"Western Europe Ballet Dancer"

Western Europe Ballet Dancer
Acrylic, US$ 516

Western Europe Ballet Dancer

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W: 610mm x H: 915mm x D: 8mm
W: 24" x H: 36" x D:

Approx. Weight: 5kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 516


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About "Western Europe Ballet Dancer"

This acrylic painting is of a Western Europe ballet dancer waiting backstage. The low light conditions backstage present a strong emphasis on natural colours and particularly on a strong contrast between light and dark.

Vanessa Steyn

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About Vanessa

For me to enjoy painting something it needed to show a part of that person’s life, a part of their soul. As such my themes were often of the Middle East and or more rural areas where people work hard and live difficult lives. The lives of these people come out in the work so much more than most western societies. However I didn’t limit my work only to them. I would search for a picture to paint for a quite a while for each painting trying to find the picture that would jump out at me and tell me to paint it. After a number of oil pastel paintings I finally moved onto acrylic paint. The acrylic paint was a good medium for me and I eventually developed my own style where I would paint quite thickly and mix the paints on the canvas as I worked. Similar in technique to oil paints.

Price Range

US$ 332-525


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