Woestynrosies - Desert Roses Woestynrosies - Desert Roses Affordable Art 106908
Jadri Barnard - Woestynrosies - Desert Roses | Portrait Art Fine Art
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Jadri Barnard - "Woestynrosies - Desert Roses"

"Woestynrosies - Desert Roses"

Woestynrosies - Desert Roses
Oil on Canvas, US$ 438

Woestynrosies - Desert Roses

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 415mm x H: 590mm x D: 15mm
W: 16" x H: 23" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 438 SOLD


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About "Woestynrosies - Desert Roses"

Everyone from South Africa knows and loves these "Woestynrosies" as we call them in Afrikaans. I took this picture when I went on a walk wile I was living in Somerset West in the West Cape province. They were growing so peacefully making our streets beautiful. This is a tribute to these wonderful living things that make life just a little less dull. I feel inspired when I look at their leaves and shapes and color. So similar and so different, like humans! This painting is the painting that I have spent the most days on in my life. I feel very proud of this work of art and I say thank you to nature for the wonderful inspiration. These plants need little water and are so easy to grow, they can start growing from simply one leaf of a plant!

Jadri Barnard

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About Jadri

Jadri Barnard

My passion as artist started years before I even held a paint brush in my hand. When I was just a child my mother said I drew all over the newly painted wall, I would draw pictures in all the children's books( even the bible!). Oh my passion for art started long before I could even talk read or write, I did not chose it, it chose me. I am inspired by the beauty of the world (especially South-Africa and his people). I am not limited to the things I want to or would paint, the world is my canvas! I hope you enjoy my art and you find that one piece that talks directly to you, because everyone deserves one.

Price Range

US$ 73-1,094



University of Stellenbosch, Masters degree.

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