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Monika Rudzinski - Yellow Gold | Abstract Art World Art
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Monika Rudzinski - "Yellow Gold"

"Yellow Gold"

Yellow Gold
Mixed Media, US$ 227

Yellow Gold

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Mixed Media

W: 920mm x H: 760mm x D: 40mm
W: 36" x H: 30" x D: 2"

This work is unframed


US$ 227


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About "Yellow Gold"

Inspired by rich molten gold. Africa is what its known for. Works well with leather furniture.

Monika Rudzinski

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About Monika

Monika Rudzinski

Take a brief moment out of your busy life to reflect...

My art conveys and demonstrates feelings and thoughts, stimulates expresssion and interchange of ideas. It is visually appealing and it communicates my personality, creativity, inspiration and my mind. It beautifies and personifies my environment. It conveys emotion and arouses feelings. My paintings are rich in texture and colour. Working with texture on canvas creates a tactile surface, a depth created together with light which evokes moods, emotions, nostalgia and memories. Painting is a powerful form of expression for me.
I wish for my paintings to transform homes into personal museums.
I am very versatile and explore many directions, therefore I have pieces for sale in a variety of price ranges. There's something to entice everyone...

Some background...
Born in 1974, Zielona Gora, Poland.
Monika immigrated with her parents to South Africa in 1982. She studied at the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music where she spent 5 years studying painting, drawing, design, sculpture, pottery, photography, graphics and Art history as well as ballet and music. She completed her secondary education with exemption in 1992, majoring in Painting and Design.
After a short break touring South Africa, Monika continued her art studies in Commercial Art receiving a 2 year Diploma.
She then went on to the University of the Witwatersrand where Conceptual art was to be discovered. She graduated in 1999 with a B.A. Fine Art (Honours) Degree, majoring in Printmaking, History of Art, Art Criticism and Drama and Film.

Monika traveled Europe end 1998, which gave her the opportunity to visit her homeland. She returned to South Africa settling in Cape Town mid 1999. Her work thus often reflects the influence and diversity stemming from both her European and African backgrounds.

With vast and diverse talents in the art field, she creates a variety of artworks using a wide range of media from vibrant fabric paintings, childrens art, commercial designs, conceptual works,(laced and layered with intricate detail) to contemporary & abstract pieces, ceramics and sculpture.

[0x1]Painting is just another way of keeping a diary[0x1] Picasso.

To me it is an attempt at coming to terms with everyday life.

[0x1] The conceptual work introduces a mirror of the human psyche, which fascinates and disturb latex, glass, resin transposed onto delicate fabrics and textures commenting on the brittle and fragile nature of existence.
The humorous alternative to my introspective work is the lighter side of life reflected in the vibrant and colourful fabric wall hangings. Fantasize, imagine, create.
[0x1] The contemporary work offers an escape from the extreme emotions and introspection.

[0x1] Finally, the interior d[0xC3A9]cor pieces are fun, bright and light-hearted bursts of colour and design, affordable enough to enrich any living space.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me...

Price Range

US$ 51-908



Numerous exhibitions while studying in Johannesburg, including the Martiensen Exhibition - Gertrude Posel Gallery, 1997 & 1998; solo exhibition – Melville, 1998; public art exhibition - Yoeville, 1998; Fine Art student exhibitions - Electric workshop, 1999.
Represented by In-Fin-Art Gallery Waterfront, 2000-2004; Van Wyk’s Gallery 2005-6; Sunset Style 2005-6; Orange Cactus Lifestyle Interiors 2006-7.

Artworks in collections:- England, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and America.
Junior Curator - Everard Read Gallery;
PA - Die Kunskamer;
Curator, art dealer and custom framer - In-Fin-Art, Waterfront;
Manager and expert framer – Werner Vivier Framing and Deco, Cape Town.
Interior stylist - Sunset Style, Cape Town.


B A Fine Arts (Honours)Degree - Wits & Diploma - Commercial Art

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