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Nolan Allnutt - Yellow Rose | Contemporary Art
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Nolan Allnutt - "Yellow Rose"

"Yellow Rose"

Yellow Rose
Oil on Canvas, US$ 90

Yellow Rose

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 457mm x H: 609mm x D: 10mm
W: 18" x H: 24" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed




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Rose Collection- Yellow Rose

About "Yellow Rose"

ROSE COLLECTION- I have a personal passion for all flowers/floral's and Roses are one of my favourite flowers of all time. My dream is a have a beautiful rose garden someday.

Nolan Allnutt

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About Nolan

Nolan Allnutt

Born the 12th August 1979 in Tzaneen (Old Transvaal) I moved to Port Elizabeth in the EC. Here I grew up and attended schooling from pre-high school.At 12 yro, I won a silver award at the Grahamstown Art Festival for 2D painting. After 26 yro of living & working in PE, I moved to Cape Town in 2006. By profession, Im a retired estate agent of 7 yrs.In 2013, I had the great honour of living and working at the Flycatcher Castle for several months until I returned back to Cape Town. As a proudly South African artist, I've always had a love and passion for art during my pre, junior and high school career. As a young boy, I've always been fascinated about bright colours (i.e. reds, oranges, yellows, blues, greens etc. etc.) In fact yellow and pink and purple are my favourite colours. By mixing the basic primary colours to create more interesting colours, shades and tints is very exciting. To be an artist and to turn a plain white boring canvass or board into a colourful work of art, is so rewarding, relaxing and inspiring for me. To be a successful artist, you must have patients, work hard, read and study up on other artists, know your colours and how to mix and match and go to a very good art school. You also need to have a creative imagination to create. My mentors in the international world of artists are the great Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Di Vinci, Michael Angelo, Pablo Picasso. Regarding my mentors in South Africas world of artist are the great, Diane Erasmus, Anton Benzon and Louis Audie, Maggie Laubscher and Manie Connoway. I'm truly inspired by all these artists who are masters at their work. My message to all artists alike and wana be artist. If you have the love and passion for colours and patients to paint, draw or sculpt, then go for it and follow your heart. Find a great mentor.

Price Range

US$ 57-656



2012 Expo Groote Constantia Wine Estate in Cape Town,SA
2012 Expo Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens,Cape Town,SA
2012 Three Expos held at The Big Bay Shopping Mall,Big Bay Cape Town,SA.
2013 Gallery at The Great Flycatcher Castle Guest (5 star) House,Graskop Mpumalanga,SA
2014 Art Exhibition at The Cafe Nood,Claremont Cape Town


Jays School of Arts (2 yrs) and private lessons with Louis Audie

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