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Ansa Nel - Young Samburu Initiate (2) | Portrait Art Art Painting
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Ansa Nel - "Young Samburu Initiate (2)"

"Young Samburu Initiate (2)"

Young Samburu Initiate (2)
Pastel, US$ 1,087

Young Samburu Initiate (2)

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W: 700mm x H: 1000mm
W: 28" x H: 39"

Approx. Weight: 2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,087


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About "Young Samburu Initiate (2)"

This circumcised young man is known as a laibartok and he will wear the ceremonial earrings which his mother gave him for the next month.

He also wears a cord that was plaited by the women as part of his headdress. Two ostrich feathers are attached to either side of the headdress.

The month in which they have to wear the dead bird and the ostrich feathers is known as the month of the birds

Ansa Nel

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About Ansa

Ansa Nel

"Ansa Lyon Nel, the artist, has always been fascinated by the colourful traditional peoples of Africa as well as its magnificent natural life."

As a pastel artist she made it her calling in life to tell the story of these different cultures like the Maasai, the Samburu, the Hamar etc. Ansa is especially drawn to the position and plight of women in the world. She always strife to portray the inner beauty of every person she paints. Closest to my heart will always be the plight and the role of women in these cultures and with my paintings I try to create a greater awareness of the beauty of these African cultures and the role women play in them


"I was a potter for many years before I put my hand to the canvas. I enjoyed the pottery, especially giving classes to school children which I did for more than twenty years."
When my daughters got married, I felt the urge to paint their portraits as a way of celebrating this new phase of their adult lives. From then on my focus shifted away from the pottery to painting portraits and wild life.

I am open to take on commissions

Price Range

US$ 1,087-1,359


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