Birth of Venus (after Cabanel) Birth of Venus (after Cabanel) Affordable Art 72352
Mark Boshoff - Birth of Venus (after Cabanel) | Nudes Modern Art
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Mark Boshoff - "Birth of Venus (after Cabanel)"

"Birth of Venus (after Cabanel)"

Birth of Venus (after Cabanel)
Oil on Canvas, US$ 67

Birth of Venus (after Cabanel)

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Oil on Canvas

W: 350mm x H: 250mm x D: 3mm
W: 14" x H: 10" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 67


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About "Birth of Venus (after Cabanel)"

Someone pointed out the use of a well known painting in the use of an advert. Intrigued I found the original and combined the consumerist remake with the original to make my own. The stormy sky and flesh tones work better than the original marzipan colours.

Mark Boshoff

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About Mark

Mark Boshoff

The play of light and dark on objects, landscapes and figures is a constant source of inspiration for me.
I seek a narrative in fleeting moments of wonder and convey my perceptions through mark-making, glazes and barely visible brush strokes.

Price Range

US$ 54-682



B. Compt (Hons) CA(SA)

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