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Dantie Van der Merwe - Elephant Landscape | Animals & Wildlife Art Modern Art
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Dantie Van der Merwe - "Elephant Landscape"

"Elephant Landscape"

Elephant Landscape
Oil, US$ 411

Elephant Landscape

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W: 910mm x H: 610mm x D: 30mm
W: 36" x H: 24" x D: 1"

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 411


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About "Elephant Landscape"

Well at fist I just loved the photo and wanted to paint it. But the further I painted the more I liked it. I like the atmosphere with the heavy weather in the back ground and this old elephant in the fore ground. Since I can remember I always loved rain and in this painting you can feel it coming. If you love nature and elephants this is for you... It is a nice size for a sitting room or bed room. Hope you guys love it as much as me.

Dantie Van der Merwe

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About Dantie

Dantie Van der Merwe

I can draw or paint whatever you want so bring
your best pic and turn it into art.
Dantie started drawing at a young age. When she saw how her dad drew she wanted to draw just like him. With a lot of hours of practicing she was getting very good, so good that same people wouldn't believe she drew it herself. After a lot of years of drawing she started painting as well. She likes working with oil paint, watercolour and pencil sketches. When she gets tired of the one medium she uses another.
A lot of people wants to know how long it takes to draw a sketch or painting but they don't understand that it's a lifelong learning process that takes hours of commitment to get a picture to look as good as her sketches.
She loves drawing late at night with loud country music when all is asleep, because she says then there's no one to interrupt her. She loves animals especially horses, and has a special way with animals.

Price Range

US$ 126-421



Dulstroom art gallery that opens soon. Our mini art gallery in witbank.


Self-tought except with oil paint I take art classes

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