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Kittie Van der Walt - "Gum Trees"

"Gum Trees"

Gum Trees
Pastel, US$ 138

Gum Trees

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Soft pastels on pastel paper. unframed.

W: 483mm x H: 560mm
W: 19" x H: 22"

This work is unframed


US$ 138


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About "Gum Trees"

I was mesemirize by the Beautiful Gum trees with the sun catching the bark in the early morning hours of the winter in South Australia. Around the start of the winter,the pale gray bark is shed,revealing shades of golden orange and salmon pink for a few months.I don't use spray fixatives on my pastel paintings.A layer of fixative over a finished piece is likely to dull the colours and change the look of a painting.

Kittie Van der Walt

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About Kittie

Kittie Van der Walt

I have been involved with painting for the last 30 years. Painting and Crafting are my passion. I love to experiment constantly with different subjects and mediums. I believe beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Price Range

US$ 69-387



Exhibitions in South Africa.
Group exhibitions in Australia.
My own exhibition.
Home exhibitions.

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