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Deidre Marshall - Harmen's Shell giving birth | Surrealist Art Modern Art
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Deidre Marshall - "Harmen's Shell giving birth"

"Harmen's Shell giving birth"

Harmen's Shell giving birth
Acrylic, US$ 89

Harmen's Shell giving birth

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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W: 500mm x H: 700mm x D: 40mm
W: 20" x H: 28" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed




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About "Harmen's Shell giving birth"

Harman Steenwyck's 1645 The Vanities of Human Life was my inspiration. Shells were seen as symbols of wealth, as well as a reminder of human mortality. My painting is an open window into my thoughts and emotions, each viewer should find their own connection to the shell. Harman's Shell giving Birth under an Angry Sky. (Full Title)

Deidre Marshall

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About Deidre

My inspiration for creating with colour comes from using all my senses. The smell of jasmine, my boy's sweet morning breath, the intense sounds of Wagner and Rammstein, the lyrics of Nick Cave, a Dorothy Parker poem, my daughter's soft cocoa skin, the wet love-you kisses from my dogs, summer sunsets on Melkbos beach. I only discovered the joy of painting as a hobby after adopting my kiddos 4 years ago. Now I breathe, eat and sleep colour and started painting full-time last year. I have had no formal training, but my love for art books and my interest in photography have helped to see with an artists eye.

Price Range

US$ 73-365


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