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Michiel Wood - Intimate Space | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Michiel Wood - "Intimate Space"

"Intimate Space"

Intimate Space
Bronze, US$ 449

Intimate Space

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W: 100mm x H: 200mm x D: 150mm
W: 4" x H: 8" x D: 6"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 449


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About "Intimate Space"

Pigeon gutted and bound. Packed in koshering salt for two months with ground gum Arabic and cedar chips. Dipped in wax and tool finished. Encased in ceramic shell and fired – bronze directly poured in. Fettled and finished.

This was part of an investigation where two birds were preserved. The pigeon (below) was collected freshly killed and an Ibis in the early stages of decomposition. Both were packed in salt for two months. The pigeon was preserved, but the ibis continued to decay. The pigeon was cast in bronze. The ibis carcass was boiled in seawater for two days, the pulp strained and bones removed. the bones were partly reassembled and repeatedly dipped in molten gum Arabic to build up a glossy coating and finally treated with bitumen.

There is currently no visual record of the ibis.

Michiel Wood

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US$ 281-449


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