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Sannette Boshoff - Is This My Mommy? | Portrait Art Original Art
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Sannette Boshoff - "Is This My Mommy?"

"Is This My Mommy?"

Is This My Mommy?
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 877

Is This My Mommy?

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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 750mm x H: 900mm x D: 35mm
W: 30" x H: 35" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 877


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About "Is This My Mommy?"

It[0x1]s not about colour

I am passionate about children and I believe all children are born as being bright, colourful, confident, wise and with a sense of humour. They learn from adults to feel insecure, scared, invisible and less than - just as some of us have.
Life has become so fast and with parents both working, children do not get the attention they deserve. Raising a child takes more than any parent is ever prepared for, but children should not have to pay the price for that.
So often a child rushes in to quickly share something with you. Drop everything you are busy with. Look at his/her little face. See the expression! Take note of every emotion, however fleeting it may be. It[0x1]s important to them. If you miss it, you won[0x1]t even know and they might never forget.
Colour is my vehicle to draw people[0x1]s attention to really look and see what they are missing. It is all about connecting with the emotion and the expression thereof on these little faces.

Love it? Hate it? Just don[0x1]t ignore it!

This little 2yr old girl was standing at OR Tambo International Airport with her older sister and father, waiting for her mother to arrive. Every plane that landed, she turned around with this questioning look on her face.

Sannette Boshoff

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About Sannette

Sannette Boshoff

Also known as Sannette Fourie. I'm passionate about women, children, and colour. Colour is my vehicle to get the viewer's attention to connect with the emotion, the expression, to look deep within themselves and connect with whatever moves them. There is something of everybody in my paintings. I'm fascinated by the contrast that the female form presents. The softness of their skin, the roundness of their form, their vulnerability; compared to how strong their characters are, their souls, how much they can survive, how many times they can start over.

Price Range

US$ 231-22,151



2005 Group Exhibition in Paris Embassy
2005 Group Exhibition in Dubai Embassy
2008 Permanent Exhibit at Samora Machel Museum, Mpumalanga
2009 Group Exhibition in Atlanta
2009 Group Exhibition in Pretoria Art Museum
2009 Group Exhibition in Potchefstroom
2010 Stars for Charity, Abraham Kriel Children's Fund

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