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Don Bell - London Skies MK-1 Spitfire | Genre Art Art Painting
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Don Bell - "London Skies MK-1 Spitfire"

"London Skies MK-1 Spitfire"

London Skies MK-1 Spitfire
Oil on Canvas, US$ 237

London Skies MK-1 Spitfire

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 910mm x H: 610mm x D: 20mm
W: 36" x H: 24" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 237 SOLD


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About "London Skies MK-1 Spitfire"

Spitfire MK 1A WW2 fighter.
The first production Spitfire, the Mk-I was powered by a Merlin III giving 1,030 hp and a maximum speed of 367 mph. This make mostly fought in the Battle of Britain. It entered service in 1938 with 19 and 66 Squadrons. In all some 1,566 Mk-I Spitfires were produced.
Although in squadron service, with armour plate for pilot protection added, the top speed was more likely to be 345 mph. The first batch had a straight topped cockpit canopy, later changed for the bulge type. Originally fitted with wooden two-blade fixed pitch propellers, they were later equipped with de Havilland three-bladed variable pitch airscrews. Armament was either eight Browning .303 calibre machine guns (MK-IA) or two 20 mm cannons and four machine guns (MK-1B).
The cannon version was not produced in great quantity; the early cannon installations were not very satisfactory and prone to the mechanism jamming. The Spitfire MK-I entered service in 1938 with 19 and 66 Squadrons. In all some 1,566 Mk-I Spitfires were produced.
This is Supermarine Spitfire Mk-IA, JZ-E (AR213), 57 OTU, RAF,flown by F/O J.H. "Ginger" Lacey, 1942.
Span: 36 ft.10 in.
Lenght: 32 ft.3 in.
Weights: Empty 4,900 lb, loaded 5,900 lb.
Performance: Maximum speed 365 m.p.h. at 19,000 ft
315 m.p.h. at 20,000 ft.
Normal cruising speed 210 20.000 ft. Rate of climb (initial) 2,520 ft. per min.
Time to 20,000 ft. 7.5 min. Service ceiling 37,200 ft.
Range; 470 miles.

Don Bell

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About Don

Don Bell

I am a multi-faceted artist and illustrator, Senior Professional Architectural Technologist, former advertising exec and keen photographer. I work in oil, watercolours, charcoal, pencil, pen and mixed-media including digital art. I enjoy all types of subject matter ranging from wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, portraits - across the spectrum to architecture, contemporary art, aviation, ships, trains and still life.
My aviation works are well researched and the aircraft and locations are accurate as possible so that they provide a true historical record for others to appreciate.

I attended art classes from a young age and was privately tutored by Andre' Vancoillie, well known local artist and lecturer at the age of 16 years as well as Paul Lavender in water colours.
My appreciation to Mrs Chilcott, my high school art teacher who saw something in me and went out of her way to mentor me by giving me extra art lessons in her spare time.
I matriculated in art at the PE Technical College.

All my works are available as prints.

Price Range

US$ 58-17,778



I have participated in exhibitions at the Getaway Show Cape Town, Port Elizabeth St Georges Gallery, De Oude Kraal Luxury Guest Lodge, Grahamstown Arts Festival, Queenstown and EPSAC Port Elizabeth.

My aviation works are on display in my SAAF Museum Art Gallery in Forest Hill Port Elizabeth.


Art Matric + private tuition with Andre' Vancoillie

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