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Anton Grove - Music of the Spheres | Other Art Modern Art
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Anton Grove - "Music of the Spheres"

"Music of the Spheres"

Music of the Spheres
Other, US$ 226

Music of the Spheres

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W: 236mm x H: 236mm x D: 236mm
W: 9" x H: 9" x D: 9"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 226


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About "Music of the Spheres"

Creation through sound as suggested by Dr Hans Jenny's photographs of sound that manifest through geometric shapes. The circles could also represent the orbits of planets around a sun.

Anton Grove

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About Anton

Anton Grove

I draw my inspiration from sacred geometry, quantum physics and astronomy. Everything in nature, like the human body, animals, plants, galaxies and planets are based on sacred geometry which is the blueprint of the universe. I combine art and science in my work. I have been building these shapes for the past 12 years and discover new ways to build them on regular basis. I put lights into some shapes. This creates another dimension- colours and shapes on the walls and floor.

Price Range

US$ 102-1,693


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