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Hannie Wessels - Old Watermill | Contemporary Art Original Art
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Hannie Wessels - "Old Watermill"

"Old Watermill"

Old Watermill
Oil on Canvas, US$ 257

Old Watermill

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Oil on Canvas

W: 45mm x H: 60mm x D: 2mm
W: 2" x H: 2" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 257


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About "Old Watermill"

It is the modern things in life that makes those things that is no longer in use, so special.In times gone by these where seen in many a stream. Today you can only see it in magazines or the internet. To put it oil on canvas seem the wright thing to do

Hannie Wessels

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About Hannie

Hannie Wessels

Inspired by the wonder of nature,colour,smell,texture,form etc.This urge me to pin it down either by chisel on wood or brush on paper!I would love everyone to experience this beauty that is right in front of everyone and yet, not notice by some.Once a person learned to look "up" and not "down"He/she will see the wonder of the world around him/her.If by the art work I performed ,will change this ,it would be worth all the hours in front the easel.
Drawing and colouring has been one of my favouret hobbys as long as I can remember.And it is now that I would like the world to see the wonder of art.
I was born in picturesque town of Heidelburg in Gautang.Lived in the West Cape and East Cape for 12years,moved back to Gautang and made painting my life.

Price Range

US$ 103-257





Matric Secretarial Diploma,.Art School Diploma.

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