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Chaine D'Ail
Chaine D'Ail
by Margie Volkwyn
Tea Pot of Hydrangeas
Tea Pot of Hydrangeas
by Lynda Cookson

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At you can buy paintings and buy drawings online from a wide range of artists and galleries. These original art works can be shipped worldwide and is fully insured for loss or damage. We provide a 7-day 100% money-back, no-quibble guarantee to ensure you are completely delighted with your purchases. All items purchased are shipped, professionally-packaged and fully insured against loss or damage, worldwide to your door.

With more than 1,200 artists represented for you to buy paintings from, you can now browse and select for purchase from over 12,000 original works of African art across a varied range of subjects and media. If you want to buy a drawing, you will find that many of our artists are more than willing to quote for commission work and if you cannot find what you want our friendly and personalised finder service will help you to identify just the works to suit your mood, environment and budget.

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We passionately believe that quality, original African paintings should be accessible to as many people who want to buy paintings and buy drawings as possible so for us affordable art means being able to deliver original painting and other works of art anywhere in the world at prices which are at the same time attractive and competitive. Original African art exudes a unique passion that springs from the political and social turmoil that the region and its people have undergone. This passion speaks to all those who view the creative output of this rainbow nation. African art is also highly-regarded and increasingly recognized as collectable, being of a very high standard and among these virtual galleries and home pages on the site there is something that will surely to appeal to all tastes and budgets.

Now everyone can have access to buy paintings or buy drawings from a wide range of superbly talented artists who themselves exercise full control over the art shop marketing of their works ensuring they get a fair deal and as a buyer you are nothing but absolutely satisfied with your paintings. Whether you are looking to buy drawings of a stunning landscape, a painting of the big five from the plains or would like to have a portrait done, we are here to help you find what you are looking for and choose from the very best of original African art.

As South African art has matured and explored new ground the art world has seen a huge surge in awareness of the talent of the artists and the quality and vibrancy of the work. From the past masters of the country's art schools to the new order of contemporary artists wishing to expand their horizons onto a world stage, the impact that original art from Africa is having in significant and growing. For the best affordable art from the finest talent please browse the site. We are sure you will find many superb works that will appeal to you.

We thank you for visiting our online art shop and we invite join us in helping put affordable art on walls in homes and offices all around the world!