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Pet Portraits

Young Zebra Panic
Young Zebra Panic
by Sharon Bernhardt
Dozing Off
Dozing Off
by Sheree Harrison

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Pet portraits are a speciality and a talent of many of our artists and you can commission artwork in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a lithograph of your Labradoodle, an oil painting of your Otterhound or a watercolor of your Weimaraner you are sure to find an artist whose artistic style meets your need to commission artwork from.

There are castings of cats and head and shoulder portraits of horses. You may even be looking for a stone or bronze sculpture of your pet. These pet portraits, like all commission artwork, can be shipped worldwide and are fully insured for loss or damage. We also provide a 7-day 100% money-back, no-quibble guarantee to ensure you are completely delighted with your purchases. We have been supplying art worldwide from our online gallery since 1999 and have an excellent track record and we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service.

Quality Pet Portraits

Painting animals and capturing their character and personality on canvas is a rare gift and pet portraits are a wonderful and lasting reminder of your loved ones. You can commission artwork to be produced from a good quality photograph and select the style you would like. We will then confirm the timescale (normally 2-3 weeks to delivery) and the price (the price is primarily based on the medium employed and the size of the work to be produced). Upon receiving your acceptance and having agreed terms, we will take a small deposit and the artist will begin work on your pet portrait, keeping you informed of progress along the way. You can see a selection of works already produced in our online gallery - simply browse this and other pages in our online gallery and select an artist you would like to produce your commission. If you would like us to help, you may send us by email a good quality photo of your pet, together with what sort of art you are looking to have produced (watercolor, oil painting etc) - from this we will happily try to recommend artists who will be able to carry out the commission for you.

As well as pet portraits, with more than 1,200 artists represented on the site, you can browse and buy from over 12,000 original works of art from a varied range of subjects and media. Many artists are willing to quote for other commission artwork and if you cannot find what you want our friendly and personalised finder service will help you identify just the works to suit your mood, environment and budget. South African art has a unique quality and passion that is a reflection of the energy and experience of this "Rainbow Nation". The political trauma and upheaval of recent decades has sought expression though the country's art which itself becomes the spiritual signature of its peoples. After years of political and geographic isolation, at last South African art is emerging onto the rest of the world and finding its own place with pride and exuberance. Still the artists struggle to eke out a living from their gifts and we, as art lovers, everywhere, can do our bit to help and support them.

We thank you for visiting the site and please join us in bringing the affordable art of South Africa to a wider audience!