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Gerald Dressel

Gerald does not currently have any pieces available here - if you are interested in this artist's work please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Gerald Dressel

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About Gerald

Gerald Dressel

Born on the 6th of September 1951, I was always a creative person. Having gained experience in various crafts, I found painting to be the most emotionally stimulating. At the age of 25, I picked up a brush for the first time and experimented with various styles and forms of artwork. My most recent inspiration would be the filmed biography of artist Jackson Pollock, which opened my mind and artistic expression to the fascinating world of action art. I then began to take this abstract art form in a unique direction of my own.

By definition action art is a dynamic, impulsive form of painting done by applying paint with energetic, gestured movements with no preconception of the end result.

I find inspiration in my everyday emotional state, creating many different designs based upon my mood at that exact moment. What informs my work the most is to draw from the canvas of nature. Natural phenomenon such as coral reefs, the aurora borealis and astrophotography are excellent sources.

My message to the world is simply the joy that can be found in the freedom of expression, and to share these works so that any person (young or old) can discover their own interpretation. The greatest aspect of these works is that the individual perception of a person, will allow them to see a picture of their own making within a painting, giving it profound meaning to them.

All paintings have a coat of matt varnish to accentuate the colour spectrum, as well as protecting it from light scratches and scuff marks.

Concerning commissions:

Due to the nature of my artwork, I cannot recreate the same painting. However, I am willing to accept commissions, but on the basis of the same colour scheme.

I truly hope you enjoy viewing my artworks, and should you choose to purchase one, may it bring you years of enjoyment and happiness.

G.F. Dressel

Price Range

US$ 40-40


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